Mar 252018

The theme of sex needs to be aesthetically addressed when made into a movie and while not many movies do justice to it, there are some amazing pieces of art which portray sex as a carnal desire. ’50 Shades Of Grey’ happens to be the one movie which most millenials associate with the theme of sex. However, there are more visually appealing movies out there and you can pick one from this list:
Eyes Wide Shut
This amazing story has the brilliance of Stanley Kubrick written all over it. Secrets between a husband and wife, torn amidst a sexual orgy ritual, with some dark desires thrown in. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise do a wonderful job with this one.

Wild Orchids

The main character of Jame Wheeler could easily pass off as an inspiration to Christian Grey. Corporate honcho who likes cars, money and complete control on the women in his life. He is the wild child in the movie, out there to carefully pluck his delicate orchids.

The Sessions
This movie tells an interesting tale about a paralysed man who hires a sex surrogate to help him lose his virginity. The movie is based on a true story and the lack of physical control on the man’s part leads to the woman controlling all their sessions. This movie celebrates sex in a pious way explaining that it is a need, a psychological demand that spares no one.

Basic Instinct
This erotic thriller follows a detective investigating the murder of a famous rock star. His prime suspect is the rock star’s girlfriend but all hell of desire breaks loose when he ends up falling for her. Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas light up every screen with some steamy scenes.

Last Tango In Paris
Another French erotic drama tells the forbidden sex saga between an American widow and a gorgeous Parisian woman. This movie by Bernardo Bertolucci was conceived out of his own fantasies. The movie garnered some immense criticism for some questionable content but mostly it only deals with their anonymous sexual relationship.

So which one are you picking for tonight?

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