Jun 242017

Priyanka Chopra is amazing and there is no doubt that she is all set to rule Hollywood as well. We love her and her profile abroad has definitely given her a bunch of new fans who just can’t stop obsessing over her. She is literally everywhere, from our social media feeds, billboards, to international functions and talk shows, you name it and she is there.   

Although she is the queen of our hearts, getting to the top wasn’t easy for Priyanka. She experimented and tried out everything possible to prove her worth as a real actor. From bizarre movies to weird characters, she has starred in a few films that makes us wonder what made her do it in the first place. 

And, we’re pretty sure that she doesn’t want her new Hollywood buddies to see these disasterpieces. 

Priyanka Chopra(c) Giphy

‘What’s your Rashee?’

Well, we really adore PeeCee but wouldn’t it be too much if you saw 12 versions of her? You got to agree, that’s a little too much to handle! Also starring Harman Baweja, the film had Priyanka play a character from every zodiac sign. There were weird songs, a confusing plot line, too many ‘rashees’ and so now you know why the film tanked. 

‘Pyaar Impossible’

Yes, we get that it’s hard to say no to a Yash Raj banner film, but you got to do it if it features Uday Chopra in the lead! Wasn’t that enough to for her to get that this ‘pyaar’ was ‘impossible’ for anyone to truly understand?

‘Love Story 2050′

This love story is from the future…..and just like the future; the film had no clarity of what it was trying to say. From dialogues, screenplay, music, costumes to Priyanka herself, everything left us stupefied and not in a good way. The only entertaining factor in the film was the talking teddy bear named ‘Boo’. This was another film with Harman Baweja that failed at the box office. Back then, it was rumoured that Priyanka was dating him. And just like that love story,  this film also fizzled out. 


The IMDB rating of 2.2 of this Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra starrer says it all. We rest our case! 


Haven’t seen this film yet? Well, don’t bother, you don’t have to. Starring Sunil Shetty and Ajay Devgn, this film was an exercise in bad character writing, poor plot and just bad direction. And, PC bore the brunt of it. All we wonder is why did she even sign this film? Was it the need of the hour or one of the biggest blunders that she now definitely regrets?  



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