Feb 202018

Making a feature film is one hell of a task but what is crazier is watching it if turns out bad. While we celebrate blockbusters and worship the stars who maketh the film, there is a whole sea of brilliant short films out there that are way better than many of the films that crowd our screens.

If the prospect of sitting through a 3-hour torture in a theatre gives you the creeps, these brilliant short films are the perfect watch for you. You don’t even need to wait for the weekend to watch these. 

1. The Most Beautiful Thing

This is a love story between two people who are not the ideal match for each other but end up falling in love nevertheless. It has been written, directed and edited by Cameron Covell. 

2. Rakka

Directed by Neill Blomkamp, ‘Rakka’ is a military science fiction film about a dystopian future. 

3. In a Heartbeat

This is an animated short film that is about a young closeted boy who falls in love and as a result his heart literally pops out of his chest, sending him into a nervous frenzy about being discovered. 

4. Thresher 

A horror film about a man in a locked room trying to escape an inter-dimensional threat. 

5. Few Words 

An award-winning film about a French skier who is a pioneer of freestyle skiing, this one is a sheer visual delight. 

6. Cargo 

As a father tries to save his daughter in a zombie apocalypse, he unwittingly sets off an unexpected plan.  ‘Cargo’ is an Australian short film that was a finalist on the Tropfest Australia 2013. 

7. Double king

A trippy animated film by Felix Colgrave about, as the director’s description says, “love and regicide”.  

8. The Black Hole

What would you do if you accidentally discover a black hole you can make use of? This film shows you what happens when an overworked employee finds a black hole and lets his baser instincts take over. 

9. The Unconquered

Narrated by Sean Bean, this one is a short film about Poland during World War 2. 

10. Noose 

An animated short about a young boy dealing with thoughts about ending a life as he enters a forest alone. 

11. Septem

With a running time of 29 minutes, this one’s not very short, but worth your time. ‘Septum’ is about 7 strangers in a room – one of them has to take a pill else they all face death. 

12. Geri’s Game 

One of Pixar’s early short films, ‘Geri’s Game’ won an Academy Award for the Best Animated Short Film in 1998. 

13. This House Has People in It

A disturbing short film in the horror genre, this one is scarier than Paranormal Activity. 

14. Uncanny valley

 While we wait for Steven Spielberg’s impending epic ‘Ready Player One’, this 9-minute long film about virtual reality taking over the real world is going to get you pumped enough. 

15. One-Minute Time Machine

After watching this, you’d wish you could get a time machine and start over every time a girl rejected your proposal. This one was shortlisted for the Sploid Short Film festival. 

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