Oct 152017

Name one person who is unaware of the existence of Benedict Cumberbatch. The man is known to have a ‘Midas Touch’ of his own, as he turns whatever role he plays into pure works of art. He probably is one of the few, rare actors in Hollywood whom we can truly call versatile. From playing an absolute genius to a super villain, this man has done it all.

His name is now synonymous with perfection and you don’t even need to see the reviews of his work, as you know they are going to be brilliant.

Here we have a list of his top 10 works. Have you seen them all?

 1.      Stuart: A Life Backwards

Staurt Shorter(c) Twitter

An adaptation of Alex Masters’ biography named ‘Stuart Shorter’, the film stars Tom Hardy alongside Cumberbatch. While we see Cumberbatch as a writer, Tom plays the role of homeless alcoholic. While people were impressed by Hardy’s performance, Cumberbatch left a greater imprint on viewers’ minds with his performance.

2.      Hawking

Hawkings(c) BBC

This BBC film was made more than a decade ago, but no one can deny that it was one of Cumberbatch’s most critically acclaimed works. He has come a long way since then, creating global waves with his acting skills. This was the first film to document Stephen Hawking’s early life as a Ph.D. student. The film was later nominated for BAFTA and viewers just couldn’t get over his impressive performance.  

3.      Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange(c) Marvel

This was Cumberbatch’s official and much-awaited entry into the Marvel comic universe and boy, did he slay it! Dr. Steven Strange is one of the best neurosurgeons in the world, and he struts about with pride fully aware of that fact. But, his world is brought to a standstill when he suffers a car crash, which leaves him fatally injured and worst of all- his hands are practically destroyed. What follows is a brilliant narrative supported by fine acting by Cumberbatch as he rises above his injuries by the help of sorcery and is able to save the Earth from destruction while finding his true purpose.

4.      Four Lions

Four Lions(c) Twitter

The man is so natural with his comic timing that it is hard to believe how easily he can leave you in splits even in intense moments. The film is a jihad satire following a group of homegrown terrorist jihadis from England, in which Cumberbatch plays the hilarious role of a Special Branch negotiator. It is a small role but he completely steals the cake!

5.      Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek(c) Twitter

Here we see Cumberbatch as an adversary, playing the role of Khan Noonien Singh in the second ‘Star Trek’ movie. He is a genetically engineered human being who develops advanced weapons of war which the people of Earth can use against their enemies. In this role, Cumberbatch is shows as a calculative, intelligent villain who manages to hide his real identity for a very long time. 

6.      The Imitation Game

The imitation game (c) Twitter

Cumberbatch plays the spectacular role of Alan Turing, who was credited with breaking the ‘Enigma’ and being a crucial element in winning the World War for the Allies against the Germans. The complexity in the particular role was that not only was Turing a different personality than his peers, but he was also a homosexual who is fearful of revealing himself to others. Cumberbatch nailed this role to a level that it got him an Academy Nomination for Best Actor.

7.      The Fifth Estate

fifth estate(c) dream works studio

Julian Assange has been a controversial figure in the realm of international politics. It would have been difficult for any actor to play the complex role right down to the bone, yet Cumberbatch stepped up to the challenge in this biographical thriller, and while the movie tanked, Cumberbatch’s acting was praised by the critics and the viewers alike.  

8.      Inseparable

inseperable(c) Twitter

The mere idea of getting to see Cumberbatch playing two main roles in one film sounds like Christmas coming early. Well, not many are aware of this but he did something like that in the short film ‘Inseparable’. Playing dual roles is not an easy task but as expected, Cumberbatch played it to perfection. His nuanced performance deserved every bit of applaud and praise, however, the project never got the chance to be converted into a full feature film. 

9.      Sherlock

Sherlock(c) BBC

The role that arguably shot Cumberbatch into global spotlight, ‘Sherlock’ was the adaptation of the classic novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In these adaptations, Cumberbatch shone bright as the mysterious, eccentric detective, who by his unconventional methods uses his skill and intelligence to solve all sorts of cases. His portrayal of ‘Sherlock’ won him many awards, including an Emmy.

10.  12 Years a Slave 

12 Years A Slave(c) Fox Star

Chiwetel Ejiofor took the spotlight in this film for his portrayal as Solomon Northup, but Cumberbatch’s role garnered him critical acclaim. Essaying role of William Ford, a slave-owner, he plays the role of a decent man, who takes the initiative to treat his slaves well. He takes cognizance of the abilities of Solomon and makes sure they are harnessed well. However, things change when he is left with no choice but to sell Solomon when he feuds with the wrong people.

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