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Celebrity rivalries and tiffs are something we often get to witness in the tinsel town. The clash sometimes gets so real amongst celebrities that even their fans turn rivals over the social media. One can compare the conflict of the egos to combining vinegar and baking soda, resulting in disastrous results.

At various events, red carpets, celebrities who do not gel with one another are often spotted avoiding the awkward run outs. Remember the Angelina Jolie-Jennifer Aniston situation during the Golden Globes? Dakota Fanning was all of us trying to see just what would happen next.

In fact, sometimes these rivalries get stretched for a long time unless one makes an effort and offers to be ‘best friends’ again. Such is the situation inside the entertainment industry. There have been many examples in the past when an entire film production had to go through a major loss just because two lead stars couldn’t put aside their self-pride, thus leaving the shooting in between. Directors and producers have now started taking a special note before casting their leads in movies, just to avoid any future chaos, as they know that certain feuds are more important than anything else in the world. In this post, we are going to tell you about those celebrities, who are ‘anti’ to each other and must never work together.

Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey

Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey© entertainmentweekly

What were the producers thinking to put these two ultra-divas together on the sets of “American Idol” together? Well, in 2002, when the auditions for the show began, fans immediately realized that there was something off on the sets. During the auditions in North Carolina, things got really ugly when apparently Minaj started cursing Carey. According to sources, Minaj even threatened to shoot Carey.

Paris Hilton & Tina Fey

Paris Hilton & Tina Fey© hollywoodlife

Paris Hilton and Tina Fey are yet another set of drama queens who do not get along and are quite public about it. During Howard Stern’s ‘Sirius Radio Show’, Fey talked about the time when Paris was a host on the ‘Saturday Night Live’. She commented that usually they have great hosts at ‘SNL’ but sometimes they get bad ones like Hilton. She went on to call Hilton too self-involved and even claimed that she left her “gross Barbie hair” wherever she went.

James Franco & Tyrese Gibson

James Franco & Tyrese Gibson© newsau

In this case, the villain was method acting. While, shooting for the movie ‘Annapolis’, James Franco and Tyrese Gibson had a lot of fight scenes and eventually, they ended up hating each other. Allegedly, Franco had entered so much in the character that he would not break it even when they were rehearsing. Gibson said he felt it was more than just method acting; he said that he felt that Franco went way too personal. In 2007, during an interview with Elle magazine, Gibson said that he wished he could blow Franco’s house. Well, this feud seems to be too personal and eccentric!

George Clooney & David O. Russell

George Clooney & David O. Russell© laineygossip

While filming ‘Three Kings’, in the year 1999, Clooney found it difficult to work with director David O. Russell. In an interview with Playboy in 2002, Clooney said that it annoyed him how the director constantly picked on the crew members. Eventually, the actor later decided to confront Russell. However, the confrontation turned into an embarrassing scream match. Sources have been quoted reporting that they both had to be actually manhandled and separated from each other. Whoa! That was something!

LL Cool J & Jamie Foxx

LL Cool J & Jamie Foxx© ambrosia

Another pair of actors who became foes because of method acting is LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx. While shooting a sequence for ‘Any Given Sunday’ in 1999 at a stadium in Miami, things got out of hand between these two. Foxx started pushing and punching Cool J. Though, he later gave a statement that he got violent for the scene to look convincing but Cool J was not “cool “about this unprofessional behavior.

Will Smith & Janet Hubert

Will Smith & Janet Hubert© cinemablend

‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ was a successful show with beloved characters. Janet Hubert who played Aunt Viv in the show left suddenly after two seasons. Apparently, she was upset about the fact that Smith, who was comparatively very new in the industry had a show of his own. Will said in an interview that Janet wanted the show to be all about her and the makers just didn’t agree to that. Rest assured the feud is still on because Janet speaks about it even today during interviews and press meets. Well, isn’t this too old to be carried along till now? What can we say, some people just love the baggage!

Selma Blair & Charlie Sheen

Selma Blair & Charlie Sheen© grantland

This feud ended in more than a fight. It went on to the extremes of lawsuits! In 2013, Selma Blair threatened to sue Lionsgate and Sheen after she was fired from the comedy show ‘Anger Management’. She accused that her termination was done on unprofessional grounds. She went on to badmouth Sheen (as if he needed more reasons to be infamous after what happened at the sets of ‘Two and a Half Men’) by saying that he is a slacker who did not even learn all his lines properly. However, her allegations were found to be false. Though, Sheen did fire her via a text message in an abusive language!

Alyssa Milano & Shannen Doherty

Alyssa Milano & Shannen Doherty© zimbia

These two actors played sisters on the show ‘Charmed’.  Generally, we would assume them to be real close to life as well but this was not the case here. Doherty left the show only after 3 seasons in 2001. In an interview with Entertainment Today, she said that there was too much drama on set and no passion for work. In 2015, things took a serious turn when Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer. Milano reached out to her at met her at least once every week. Doherty appreciated Milano’s gesture and they both ended the decade-long feud.

Robert Downey Jr. & Terrence Howard

Robert Downey Jr. & Terrence Howard© grantland

Terrence Howard played James Rhodes in ‘Iron Man’ but he was replaced by the other ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Avengers’ movies by Don Cheadle. Reportedly, he was the most highly paid actor in the film and he even went on claiming that it was only because of him that Downey had got the role of the ‘Iron Man’. He blamed Downey for his replacement from the franchise. However, they patched up later and ended the feud.

Tom Hardy & Charlize Theron

Tom Hardy & Charlize Theron© independent

Shooting for ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ was not easy for the entire cast and crew. Filming in the barren desert for over six months took a toll on the actors and others in the team. To add to the discomfort, actors Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron did not get along at all. Director George Miller also said that there was a lot of tension between these two actors while filming.

However, many people associated with the film suggest that it was because of the difficult shooting scenario that everybody was confused and frustrated most of the time. Even Theron and Hardy also said in interviews later that the adverse shooting circumstances can be a major factor in them not getting along.

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