Jun 202017

Shapes shifting monsters, vampires and fictional characters with super powers have always brought out our imaginative selves. After watching a bunch of monster movies, aren’t you always wondering what would you do if you were faced with a terrifying creature? Or we are scared to even go to the bathroom alone at night. So, just to keep y’all up at night here’s a list of top 10 monster movies that you should definitely watch and widen your horizons of how scary the world you live in can get.

1. Nightbreed

‘Nightbreed’ is a classic in the horror film genre. It revolves around Aaron Boone’s dream of a city where monsters are accepted and how his psychotherapist turns him into a murderer.

2. Pitch Black

This is one of those blockbusters where the anti-hero character wins the day. Riddick’s genetically modified features are the reason why he escapes trouble only to fall into the mouths of some strange and dangerous flying creatures. 

3. Night of the Lepus

Who ever though that rabbits could be so dangerous. You might want to watch the ‘Night of Lepus’ before thinking about adopting that cute little rabbit.

4. The Host

Want to know what a mutant fish would look like? Well, look no further as this Korean film showcases the gnarliest monster fish to have ever graced the big screen. It’s big, creepy looking and super dangerous. 

5. The Descent

They say women are crazy, and this movie will show you how. ‘The Descent’ is a horror film where six women enter an unmapped cave system and you know what’s coming next.

6. The Cabin in the Woods

Ever wondered why your parents are always reluctant when it comes to a trip with college friends? Probably because you’re going to be attacked by zombies in that cabin you’d choose to live in. ‘Cabin in the Woods’ is truly a monster movie lover’s wet dream!  

7. The Mist

If you have a thunder buddy, keep them close. Because in ‘The Mist’ you’re going to need all the bloody help you can get when battling Eldritch creatures! Tip: Never go to the supermarket alone.

8. Krampus

Christmas holidays aren’t always good and toys aren’t always to play with. Sometimes the monstrous toys might want to play with you, so beware. This film is about a young boy who wises that Christmas would disappear and accidently summons an ancient creature called The Krampus. 

9. Slither

What if there were work-like parasites that turned human beings into zombies? Even worse when they sometimes use people as incubators! UGH! Slither is an excellent monster movie that is a throwback to classic monster romps such as ‘Night of the Comet’. 

10. Grabbers

Everything that falls from the sky isn’t angelic. ‘Grabbers’ is about a small Irish coastal town that is attacked by slimy, tentacle creatures that are allergic to alcohol. You can guess what’s coming next. *hic*

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