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Daniel Craig still has one Bond film up his sleeve but people are already betting on the next probable bond! Daniel’s exit from the Bond franchise will leave a subtle hint of disappointment all around but we’re hopeful the next Bond will do deserving justice to the role and why shouldn’t he? It’s the most reactionary and overrated role in British cinema, ever!

I’ve  taken into consideration the most suited contenders who could be a part of the franchise after Craig and I am betting my money and hopes on them! You can certainly agree to disagree with me!

Cillian Murphy

Possible Men Who Can Be The Next James Bond© BBC Worldwide

His odds to become the next Bond were quite high a while ago but they’ve been slashed tremendously after his recent series ‘Peaky Blinders’ started doing well, where he plays Tommy Shelby.

Why: We can totally see Murphy giving the Bond character a fresh and an exciting take. With the beautiful blue eyed charm and chiselled cheek bones, his character as Tommy Shelby is quite similar to that of James Bond in many ways, being a ladies’ man, with an air of mystery around him. Personally I wish it’s him!

Tom Hardy

Possible Men Who Can Be The Next James Bond© Lionsgate

But of course! He’s inarguably one of the most talented actors around right now (seen Locke?) but he isn’t sure yet if he’d want to take up the role. But there’s no harm in assuming he could!

Why: If you look at him carefully, I believe he physically resembles Fleming’s Bond, with his natural build and a dangerous edge! And moreover so, he did play a Bond like character in Nolan’s ‘Inception’, so we already know how awesome his idea of Bond is going to be. Unfortunately though Hardy fuelled a debate recently by saying “There’s a saying amongst us in the fraternity of acting… that if you talk about it (Bond rumours) you’re automatically out of the race. So I can’t possibly comment on that one!” . Seems like Bond wants Hardy more than Hardy wants Bond!

Michael Fassbender

Possible Men Who Can Be The Next James Bond© 20th Century Fox

Remember Magneto from the latest X-Men Franchise? A typical Hollywood heavyweight, Fassbender can make for the perfect English spy. But he’s sceptical about taking up the franchise too and has already said no! (is it because he’s half German?)  That doesn’t stop me from listing him here anyway!

Why: For one, definitely revisit ‘Inglorious Basterds’ where he plays Lieutenant Archie Hicox , a model British soldier who respects the chain of command and you’ll see what I mean. He’s always the wise quaint, intellectual man, who can kill you with his thumb! Exactly how Bond is envisioned! At 39, he’s an actor at the height of his powers!

Idris Elba

Possible Men Who Can Be The Next James Bond© Pinterest

A very popular choice with critics and fans alike, Elba has been a star contender for playing the next Bond.

Why: What’s there to ask? Tall, handsome, charismatic and suave, he has all that it takes to become the next Bond. We’ve already seen how tough he is playing John Luther, in the British crime drama series ‘Luther’ and I believe he checks all the boxes! Apart from all that, his casting would be historic of course but Elba feels there should be less emphasis laid on him playing a ‘black Bond’ and more emphasis on a natural Bond, who happens to be black! The only problem, though, he’s 43 (four years younger than Craig) and ideally, Bond should last at least a decade!

Damien Lewis

Possible Men Who Can Be The Next James Bond© Twitter

After a ‘black Bond’ are you ready for ‘ginger hair Bond?’ Also, how cool was Band of Brothers? I absolutely dug the series! (it also earned him a Golden Globe nomination BTW!)

Why: A very smooth performer, Lewis will be a whiff of fresh air, after Craig’s very blunt character. His work in ‘Homeland’ was exceptional and with the calibre of adorning a hard working role always, he’s going to do full justice to Bond. He’s 45, which means, he may never be seen as Bond! But he’s definitely one of my favourites on the Bond wish list!

Hugh Jackman

Possible Men Who Can Be The Next James Bond© Twitter

I will definitely pay big monies to see Jackman as Bond! My personal favourite, I wish for him to break out of ‘Wolverine’ and sip some dry Vodka Martini – Shaken, not stirred, on screen.

Why: A fine actor, a definitive ‘manly-man’ and that attitude he carries forth with his roles-he’d make the perfect Bond! Alas, he turned the role down even before Craig was considered to play Bond! Why Hugh why!

James Norton

Possible Men Who Can Be The Next James Bond© Youtube

TV Star Norton’s career skyrocketed with ‘Happy Valley’, ‘War and Peace’ and ‘Grantchester’. I am sure, playing Bond is totally his kinda thing.

Why: I am quite certain Norton can slip into Bond’s character easily with his boyish charms and suave personality to match 007. Young, well educated, attractive and smart AND a rising good actor, what’s there not to consider? Except maybe, his transition from a TV actor to James Bond might take time and people probably will not recognise him as Bond immediately.

So that’s my list of men I believe can and should make the next Bond! They have everything that’s needed and more. Definitely tell me if you have some more contenders you’d like to list out, in the comment section below.

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