Aug 012014
Bollywood Buzz, P.K. | August 1, 2014 at 12:40 pm

pk (2014)Aamir Khan throws up a surprises with almost all his new movies – the latest comes with the poster of his upcoming film ‘PK’. The actor features nude with a strategically placed vintage boombox, and he has left audiences guessing what the Rajkumar Hirani movie will be about.

“What do you think guys? Tell me fast… butterflies in my stomach,” Aamir posted on his Twitter page late on Thursday night.

The poster elicited a roaring response from the Twitterati online, and several industry members too lauded the actor for pulling off such innovative stunts for his film’s promotions.

Filmmaker Karan Johar tweeted: “Intriguing and brilliant first look of the much-awaited Raju Hiranis #PK.”

“aamir_khan what a first look, gotta keep looking to figure ke yeh #PK hai kya,” tweeted Kunal Kohli.

Composer Vishal Dadlani said: “That PK poster is MAD!! Already curious as hell about the film! Raju Hirani is the bomb, & Aamir has almost sixth sense-esque script-sense.”

Aamir himself loved the responses and mixed guesses from people.

“Alien! Adi Manav! Drunkard! Just someone who has lost his clothes! Ha ha ha!!! Interesting guesses,” he posted Friday.

On Friday, a new clue about the character will be unveiled.

It has earlier been revealed that “PK” promotions will involve the use of talking standees, which will be kept in theatres, have the actor’s photo and his voice installed in them.

When you go close to it, Aamir will speak to you.

“PK also features actor Sanjay Dutt, Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput.

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Aug 012014
Chit Chat | August 1, 2014 at 12:29 pm

shah-rukh-ajayAjay Devgn, playing Bajirao Singham in Rohit Shetty’s Singham Returns, may be considered a hero by many Indians, but his real life Singham is only his father. Over a cup of coffee while shooting his upcoming song Aata Majhi Satakli with Yo Yo Honey Singh at Filmistan studio, he tells us why he believes that anyone who listens to his heart and does the right thing can make a difference and become a Singham.


Who is your Singham in real life? The Singham in my life can only be my father. Because he is a man who came to Bombay at that point in time with `4 in his pocket, wanting to become something, struggled, washed and lived in taxis so he could live here, did not eat food for eight days at times, worked so hard, became a street fighter from there till Mr Ravi Khanna saw him one day asking him whether he would become a fight director. From there, his growth from nowhere to become India’s topmost action director is remarkable. I have seen him getting so much respect that some of the biggest actors would touch his feet, wanting to work with him. By the time I was born, he had enough money. As a kid and being an action director’s son, I still had the same lifestyle I have today, including owning a Mercedes. He has 50 stitches in his head and has broken every bone in his body. Today he is suffering from a mental disorder because of all that action he has done. So no one else can be my Singham.

What does it mean to be a Singham?A Singham is someone who follows his heart and does the right thing. Being a Singham means to be able to stand up for others. It is somebody which everybody can be and should be. Each one of us can bring small changes to make a difference and become a superhero.

You have always stood up for your friends.I have always supported a friend without bothering about losing or gaining. That too, I learnt from my dad. I have seen him pay money to producers, as they did not have money to shoot. He would be screaming at them asking them to pay his money, but if they came to him saying, ‘We don’t have money to shoot tomorrow’ he would land up giving them the money saying, ‘Achcha yeh lekar jaa and when the shooting is finished, give me my payment too.’ I have learnt from him to stand up for what I think is right. Whatever little my success today in my life has been on my terms. Today there is no one who can get up and claim that we have made Ajay Devgn even though I have worked from the smallest to the biggest producers over 25 years in the industry.

Why don’t you ever do shows?I don’t think it is my job. And what I don’t like doing, I don’t do. I want to be able to tell my children when they grow up that whatever I have done in my life, I have done it on my own terms and conditions and you need to do the same. I need to set an example for them just as my father set for me.

Are you different from your father as a father yourself?He has helped so many people. He is so hard from the outside and, but so soft from the inside and I used to be petrified of him till when I was 18. He was strict about a few things and my mother would help cover up for me. He never hit me, but just the fear of his presence was enough. As compared to him as a father, I am a softy but even I, when I have to be stern, I can, though I am not a strict father like him. I have just started applying that with my daughter as she is now 11 and there are some rules that I am trying to set now as I have to strike a balance between what she wants and what can be given to her. With kids, it’s always tough to balance as they are natural rebels. Between Kajol and me, she is more strict. So I have to usually sort out things and I keep getting calls.

Which of your dad’s qualities have you imbibed?Today the kind of respect I have with the people I work with is not because I am an actor or a star. But it’s only because they know that I will always be there for them whenever they are in trouble be it monetary or otherwise. People I work with and my friends know that they can depend on me. Also like my dad, when I decide to do something, I will do it. I am ziddi and don’t regret it. In fact, I never regret whatever I do. I used to always resent my father being strict with us and him being a disciplinarian, but today that has made me. It’s a ritual for me that if he is awake when I go home, I will go and hug him.

What is your relationship with Shah Rukh Khan today?The media pitched us as enemies, but the fact is that we have never been friends. But that does not make us enemies. Have you ever seen us fighting? Neither Shah Rukh nor I have ever said things about each other in print. Our relationship has always been only cordial. He is still neither my friend nor my enemy, but I respect him for what he is. He is also a very hard-working guy which is why he is where he is.

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Jul 162014
2014, Previews | July 16, 2014 at 12:07 pm

Its_EntertainmentEntertainment is an upcoming Bollywood Slapstick comedy film directed by debutant duo Sajid-Farhad, who are known for writing numerous films.Starring Akshay Kumar and Tamannaah Bhatia, the film is produced by Ramesh S. Taurani of Tips Industries Ltd. Entertainment is expected to release on 8 August 2014.

Failures are stepping stones to success but in case of our lead protagonist, Mr. Akhil Lokhande, every step towards success aims stones of failures towards him. An under-dog in each and every step of life who struggles to make ends meet by doing petty jobs He does all this to support his ailing father who is admitted in hospital for months, but Akhil overhears his father in the hospital explaining to a nurse that he has a passion for easy life so he pretends to be ill to achieve comforts, Akhil gets the biggest jolt when he hears his ‘father’ saying that Akhil is not his son…..and this ‘father’ had actually claimed him as his son in a train accident to gain more compensation from the government. Akhil gets to know that his real father is none other than the richest diamond merchant, ‘Pannalal Johri’ who had cheated his mother. An over excited Akhil goes to break this news to his pal ‘Krishna’ whereas his pal before hearing out Akhil, breaks the news that the multi millionaire tycoon ‘Pannalal Johri’ is dead, Akhil’s sadness is camouflaged with happiness as he comes to know that pannalal Johri has no heir and he would definitely be the ‘official waaris’ of the tycoon. Akhil breaks this news to his girlfriend’s father who on hearing Suddenly starts pampering and sugar coating Akhil as his ‘jigar ka tukda’

With hatred for his father for betraying his mother, Akhil attends his father’s funeral and sheds crocodile tears but is all smiles from inside. Akhil gets the biggest jolt when the family lawyer informs him that his father has willed his entire wealth and property to his one and only faithful DOG…..Entertainment. Akhil cries his heart out to his friend who gives an idea of killing the dog as the dog was living Akhil’s life and Akhil living the life of a dog…

The plan to eliminate the dog is chalked out for which Akhil has to be close to the dog, so Akhil coaxes the family Lawyer to give him a job at his father’s place. The family lawyer appoints him as the caretaker of the dog. Akhil and his friend roll out plans to kill the dog in such a way that it appears like an accident but the dog in return turns out to be more intelligent than them.

Humans have 5 senses while Dogs have six, and this is proved in a series of events where Akhil and Krishna try to kill the Dog and fail miserably in each and every try.

During this chain of events where Akhil tries to eliminate the dog, we introduce a third force which are actually the far off relatives of Pannalal – The brothers- ‘Karan-Arjun’ who have their wicked pangs tagged on the wealth of Pannalal even prior to Akhil’s realization. This brother duo knowing that the dog’s life span is around twelve years, their bigger enemy is Akhil and they decide that it is more important to eliminate him. So what transpires are sequences where the dog is being planned to kill by Akhil and his friend while in turn Akhil and His friend are being planned to be killed by brother duo. At one point of time, brother duos are on the verge to execute Akhil when the dog plays an important part of a savior and saves Akhil. The incident gives Akhil a big emotional jolt, realizing ‘inhumanity of human is returned by humanity of an animal’ Akhil begs for forgiveness to the dog and leaves the place. The Brothers present a fake presentation in the court. The dog is thrown onto the streets where Akhil comes and joining hands with the dog like two heroes decide to take revenge from the two villains.

What follows next is the chain of events where the whole group Akhil, Saakshi, Krishna, Johnny & the Dog take the two brothers at task forms the balance part of the film….

Do Akhil and the gang succeed in taking revenge with the two wicked Villains Karan-Arjun…???

Does the Dog Die in the end….???

Who gets the inherited wealth…..???

The answers to all these questions form the balance part of the Film…

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Jul 162014
2014, Previews | July 16, 2014 at 11:59 am

MardaaniYash Raj Films presents MARDAANI, a crime drama, set to release on 22nd August 2014.Produced by Aditya Chopra, directed by Pradeep Sarkar, the film features Rani Mukerji in the lead with Jisshu Sengupta and Tahir Bhasin appearing in supporting roles..The film tells the story of a female cop whose interest in the case of a kidnapped teenage girl leads her to uncover secrets of human trafficking by the India mafia.

Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukerji) is a senior inspector crime branch, in Mumbai. Clever at picking up hidden clues and fearless in confronting hardened criminals with wild chase, Shivani takes on a case that changes her life. A teenage girl, Pyaari, who is like a daughter to her, is kidnapped by the trafficking mafia and the mafia kingpin smuggled the girl outside the city. The mafia kingpin calls Shivani and wants to know what she wants, so she will stop chasing them. Shivani asks the mafia kingpin to let Pyaari free, but the mafia kingpin won’t let her free, because Pyaari has seen too much. Shivani Shivaji Roy tries to catch the mafia in 30 days and what follows is a cat and mouse game between a ruthless mafia kingpin and police.

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Jul 162014
2014, Previews | July 16, 2014 at 11:54 am

Daawat-e-ishq-MaHeNYash Raj Films presents DAAWAT-E-ISHQ, a comedy drama, set to release on 5th September, 2014.Produced by Aditya Chopra, the film is written & directed by Habib Faisal and stars Aditya Roy Kapur & Parineeti Chopra in the lead.

Meet Hyderabad ki tez Gulrez (Parineeti Chopra) and Lucknow ka aashiq Tariq (Aditya Roy Kapur) in a love story from Yash Raj Films’ kitchen, where Love gets Spicy, Love gets Sweet, Love gets Bitter!

A shoe-sales girl, disillusioned with love because of her encounters with dowry-seeking men and a cook, who can charm anybody with the aroma and flavours of his biryani and kebabs, come face to face in the clash of diametrically opposite but equally spicy cultures of Hyderabad and Lucknow.

In her quest to find her Mr. Universe, she comes up against ‘Big Boss Hyderi Kebab’ and in the process of arriving at a ‘tuning-setting’, Gullu and Taru rewrite traditional recipes of love, crush old-fashioned world-views and make their own masaledaar albeli pichchar… a deliciously romantic DAAWAT-E-ISHQ!

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Jul 112014

Bollywood Buzz | July 11, 2014 at 2:20 pm

amitabh_priyanka_shahrukhThe death of legendary actress Zohra Sehgal has left the film industry mourning in extreme grief. Tributes poured in from the film and television fraternity, soon after the news of her demise as celebrities took to Twitter to express their condolences.

“Zohra Sehgal passes away at 102 yrs…What a journey and what an immensely lovable co-star! Prayer for her blessed soul!,” actor Amitabh Bachchan tweeted.

The actress had played a chilled-out mother to Big B’s character in the critically acclaimed 2007 film ‘Cheeni Kum’, but his memories of her go way back in time, when he was a child.

Once earlier, Amitabh had shared how he had met Zohra as a child when she visited his hometown Allahabad.

“My family has a special relationship with Zohra Sehgal. Zohraji used to work with Prithvi Raj Kapoor in Prithvi Theatre. Prithvi Raj Kapoor had a cordial relationship with my father and whenever the Prithvi group visited Allahabad, we used to meet Zohraji,” he had said before the actress turned 100 in 2012.

Shah Rukh Khan: A journey of million miles overloaded with smiles. Even at a 100 plus i have yet to meet a naughtier young girl…..will miss you Zohra…

Actress Priyanka Chopra called it an honour to know the centenarian, who wowed everyone during her lifetime with her matchless reserves of energy. “102 n a legacy that will always be a part of India cinema. It was an honour to know #ZohraSehgal and to be a part of films while she was. RIP”.

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar paid his homage by sharing a vintage picture from the 1940 on the micro-blogging site. “Sad to hear about Zohra Sehgal’s demise…legend in herself…full of life. Inspiration for many.RIP” he said on his account.

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar too expressed his heartfelt tribute. “My condolences on the sad demise of the veteran actress Zohra Sehgal. Her legendary contribution in the field of art & cinema will live on,” Javadekar tweeted.

Television producer Siddharth Basu tweeted,” Forever young at heart & in spirit even at 102, the irrepressibly endearing Zohra Sehgal finally belongs to the ages. May she rest in peace.”

Actress Dia Mirza also joined in paying her tribute to the “grand old lady” on Twitter. “102 years of greatness. I will always love you. Zohraji. RIP. #GrandOldLady of #IndianCinema. #ZohraSehgal.” Mirza said.

Karan Johar: RIP Zohra Sehgal…what a life…it’s that moment when you truly celebrate the end of such a legendary and glorious era.

Riteish Deshmukh: RIP Zohra Sehgal – Charming & Elegant – will miss you.

Anushka Sharma: RIP Zohra Sehgal . She will surely be missed ..

Farhan Akhtar: RIP Zohra Sehgal-ji. Deepest condolences to the family.

Randeep Hooda: RIP Zohra aapa..

Sophie Choudry: RIP Zohra Sehgal beautiful #GrandOldLady…Absolute legend & powerhouse of talent..The world was blessed with your presence.

Shatrughan Sinha: Very sad to hear about Zohra Sehgal’s demise. 102 years of greatness. RIP #ZohraSehgal

Manish Malhotra: RIP Zohra Sehgal ji. A true legend. worked with her in Veer-Zaara and rembember her as a charming happy person.

Viveck Vaswani: RIP Zohra Sehgal! One spunky lady! Worked with Prithviraj Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor!

Nimrat Kaur: In her century long life, Zohra Sehgal ji gave us a million years worth of inspiration. Woman, soul, an existence extraordinaire…what a life!

Anubhav Sinha: RIP Zohra Sehgal. The naughtiest Granny on celluloid.

Pritish Nandy: Zohra Sehgal, what a person! What an actor! RIP.

Nandish Sandhu: RIP Zohra Sehgal ji… We will miss u always …

Sangram Singh: RIP to #ZohraSehgal .A legend actress , nobody can’t take your place. #MotherofBollywood

Pooja Bhatt: A long life is not what I seek. A full life? Yes indeed. Dear God-May I have the gall & desire for champagne & life a la #ZohraSehgal.

Mahesh Bhatt: 10 hrs ago I asked Zohra Saigal a question: “What in one word is the key emotion u feel about life? “GRATITUDE” she said with a sweet smile

Anupam Kher: Landed in Mumbai & heard the sad news of Zohra Sehgal’s passing away. An exceptional actress. Loved her attitude towards life. RIP.

Neil Nitin Mukesh: GOD BLESS HER SOUL.

Huma Qureshi: If only briefly,had d pleasure of working with u..u must b raving mad at everyone misspelling ur name..RIP#ZohraSegal Ur were the spunkiest

Amitabh Bachchan: Zohra Sehgal … she epitomised life, living and its zest .. a spirit that could shame a teenager, and a smile that lit up..the DOS darkest of situations !!

Karanvir Bohra: What a life she has lived.From the inception of Indian cinema till date . she’s just not a legend. She is an celebrity, star, superstar, icon, genius, phenomenon, luminary, giant. #zohrasehgallivesforever

Meiyang Chang: 102 Not Out, because legends live on forever. #ZohraSehgal ji, you were more spirited than all of usRidhi Dogra: Heaven must be filled with energy and zest today. You taught how to live a life every moment of our time on earth #RIPZohraSehgal.

Jaaved Jaaferi: 102 and an incomparable joie de vivre.. RIP Zohra Sehgal

Gul Panag: #RIP Zohra Sehgal. What a legend! What a life!

Manish Paul: RIP zohra sehgal ji…u will be missed…

Lisa Ray: RIP Zohra Sehgal. The true grand dame of not just performing but leading a life less ordinary.

Neha Dhupia: RIP Zohra Sehgal …. U ve left us with so much of ur magic ! http://

Vishal Malhotra: RIP and Thank You.

Ehsaan Noorani: RIP #ZohraSehgal you were a pleasure to watch in all the films u acted in

Aakanksha Singh: RIP Zohra ji..what an impressive journey..

Divya Dutta: R I P Zohra sehgal! Wil always remember sharing kulfi with you on t sets of veer Zara!n all those pranks n laughter! Tat zindadili!u made

Ajaz Khan: RIP to the most beautiful and talented actress you’ll always be in my prayers ðÂÂÂ?ÂÂÂ?¼ðÂÂÂ?ÂÂÂ?¼

Shekhar Kapur: Lessons of Life: Zora Sehgal, 102, proves that if you live a life full of joy, the last thing you fear is death. RIP should read Rest in Joy

Shweta Pandit: Her enthusiasm and energy came out of screen into our lives #ZohraSehgal loved her on-screen

Mahhi Vij: Rip zora ji inspiration truly

Vahbiz Dorabjee: Zohra Sehgal passed away..May her soul rest in peace. She was such an inspiration at dis age.She kept her spirit alive till her last breath.

Payal Rohatgi: RIP Zohra Sehgal ji. God give peace to your Soul. #legend #Inspiration

Kushal Tandon: I really use to love her and c my nani in her …. RIP #legacy

Punit Malhotra: Worked with her as an assistant on the sets of Kal Ho Naa Ho. She was definitely the youngest person on set then. RIP Zohra Sehgalji :(

Shruti Seth: May you light up the sky with your sparkling eyes RIP Zohra Sehgal

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Jul 112014

Bollywood Buzz | July 11, 2014 at 2:13 pm

nargis_fakhriActress Nargis Fakhri, who is making her debut in Hollywood with the film “Spy”, says she is comparatively more comfortable in Bollywood.

“I think I am feeling comfortable in Bollywood more than in Hollywood because I have spent more time here now and I am understanding a lot of things. I am feeling pretty good here. I really don’t plan on running off anywhere,” Nargis, who finds it “easier” to communicate in English, told IANS. “What I do love so much is music and dancing so, that’s why I prefer to give more attention here. I love music,” she added.

The current status of Nargis’ career is much to her liking. “I always wanted to do a bit of Bollywood and a bit of Hollywood. I am in a great phase and very happy. I have made it on my own, so it’s been an interesting journey,” she added. The “Rockstar” actress is currently in process of looking at some scripts.

“I like to take my own time and I don’t like to rush. I do take time and I have patience. I have worked with biggest actors from the beginning I am hoping God will bless me to work with other big actors,” added Nargis. She teamed with Ranbir Kapoor in “Rockstar” and with John Abraham in “Madras Cafe”. She also featured in “Main Tera Hero”, starring Varun Dhawan.

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Jul 112014
Bollywood Buzz | July 11, 2014 at 2:07 pm

11-Finding-FannyWithin a day of its launch, the trailer of “Finding Fanny”, an English language film by Indian director Homi Adajania, has found over a million views on YouTube. The movie’s makers are “very happy” with the response.

The trailer is said to have got one million views within 22 hours of being uploaded on the online video-sharing website.

“Content is king and the reaction to ‘Finding Fanny’ trailer proves just that. This is the movie to watch out for this year and we are very happy with the response and feedback that we have been getting on the trailer,” Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star Studios, said in a statement.

The quirky comedy stars Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur and Dimple Kapadia in key roles. The trailer itself is a peek-a-boo into the joyride that the film promises to be.

Producer Dinesh Vijan said: “‘Finding Fanny’ is a film that needed the support of the online community and we are overwhelmed with the response to our trailer. People, especially the youth, are loving the five odd ball characters and embracing the madness that they bring.”

Presented by Fox Star Studios, “Finding Fanny” is produced by Maddock Films. The film releases Sep 12.

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Jul 112014
Bollywood Buzz | July 11, 2014 at 2:05 pm

zohraThe last rites of late cinema and theatre doyenne Zohra Sehgal were conducted here Friday morning in the presence of her near and dear ones.

Zohra, whom many referred to as Bollywood’s ‘grand old lady’, was cremated at the Dayanand Muktidham Crematorium Ground and Electric Crematorium at Lodhi Road.

Her last rites were conducted by her son Pavan Sehgal, while her daughter Kiran Sehgal remained composed until Zohra’s body was placed on the pyre.

Wrapped in a beige shawl, her body was covered with flowers, including rose petals and marigold, and the steps down to her pyre were also decorated.

The actress died Thursday following a cardiac arrest. She was 102.

Her wish was to have an electric cremation, but since the device was not functioning at crematorium, the family chose to go for the traditional cremation.

Wreaths from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and National School of Drama were placed to honour the artist, who dedicated over seven decades of her life to entertaining audiences.

The moment her pyre was lit, a lady from the crowd shouted – “Zohra aapa, Laal Salaam, Amar rahe Zohra aapa”. And many joined her in unison.

Former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit, currently the Kerala governor, was the first to arrive.

“It was hard to describe Zohra Sehgal. She was always vibrant and cheerful. She had a great memory, and I have met her several times, and I remember her as a very good human being,” Dixit said here.

Among other known faces who came to bid ‘salaam’ to Zohra, included writer-lyricist Javed Akhtar and his wife Shabana Azmi; theatre director M.K. Raina who made a documentary on her, actor Roshan Seth, Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar.

Zohra’s family members and friends were also in attendance, and made up a crowd of around 100 at the venue.
She will always be remembered as vibrant and vivacious actress, said her well-wishers and fans.

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