Sep 242017

What’s worse than a gruesome murder or an evil clown that loves to feast on kids? A murderer being haunted by his wife’s spirit inside a house full of deadly rats! This is not a story that we are cooking up, this is the basic premise of the upcoming Netlfix crime-thriller, ‘1922′, which is based on Stephen King’s novella of the same name. Imagine the nastiest and scariest of sh*t in the world – something that can make you pee in your pants out of fear – and you can trust Stephen King to already have something prepared on that. We are not complaining, we are actually in love with the various forms of phobia that this man introduces us to, with his bizarre imagination. If you feel bored after watching ‘It’ and looking for something spine-chilling, then this one is for you.

Check Out The Spine-Chilling Trailer Of Stephen King's ‘1922'© Netflix

Netflix recently released the trailer of the ‘1922′ which revolves around Wilfred James (played by Thomas Jane) who loves his farm and his home a little too much. For him “A man’s pride was a man’s land.” But his wife Arlette (Molly Parker) wants to move to the city. When James refuses, she asks for a divorce and tells James that she will take their son with her to the city. Tensions aggravate to an extent where James conspires with his son to kill his wife. However, things don’t end there. The real action begins when the wife’s ghost comes back along with an army of rats to haunt the sh*t out of James.

The trailer looks eerily creepy and teases us with an open ending, leaving us confused as to what will happen to James. ‘1922′ has been directed by Zak Hilditch who is known for making movies like ‘These Final Hours’ and ‘Transmission’ and by the looks of the trailer, Hilditch has done a fabulous job in keeping the fear and mystery intact in the movie adaptation. Pick any movie adaptation of Stephen King’s work and they will speak volumes about the talent this man has in instilling fear among people, with his firm grip on horror, supernatural fiction, suspense and fantasy genre. Having said that, we also can’t resist ourselves from coming back to his work again and again and probably that’s the charm of King’s books and the adaptations inspired by it.

Well, life Arlette says, “Life is rarely fair”, and here even the darkest of secrets don’t stay buried for long. So get set to unravel these dark secrets on Netlfix on October 20th, but if you can’t wait that long then don’t worry, the premiere of Stephen King’s ‘Gerald’s Game’ is just around the corner.