Apr 202018

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you will have noticed that Benedict Cumberbatch has slowly and steadily gained a massive fan following over the years. Well, for us it started with his unparalleled portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. His charming arrogance and his trademark I -don’t-give-a-f**k attitude wrapped us in a spell that left us wanting more everytime.

And then came Doctor Strange. Whether you love or hate superheroes, Dr. Strange was definitely a character that could not be ignored. From saving the world to using the Time Stone, Cumberbatch nailed Strange down to the last detail.

Dr. Strange Tells Us If He'll Survive 'Infinity War'© Marvel

With ‘Avengers’ coming up with their next mind-blowing installment, we can’t stop obsessing over what’s in store for the Marvel superheroes this time. The Russo brothers are already breaking records even before the film has hit the screens as the trailer got 230 million views within 24 hours.

So, when MensXP got the rare chance for a tete-a-tete with the star cast of the film in Singapore, we unleashed a barrage of questions to satiate our anxious souls, and of course, our readers.

Speaking to Benedict Cumberbatch, aka Dr. Strange himself, we discovered a lot more than we thought we would, about the man with the magic red cape.

MensXP: Do you read comic books? Are you a fan of the Avengers?

Benedict Cumberbatch: Well, I do read comic books now than earlier. I am a massive Marvel fan though, massive MCU fan. I have watched the films, more than I have read the comics. But now having got this role, I have started to read more

MensXP: The Sorcerer Supreme vs The God of Mischief. Who would win?

Benedict Cumberbatch: Definitely the Sorcerer Supreme (smiles), judging by Ragnarok, it’s all tied all.

Dr. Strange Tells Us If He'll Survive 'Infinity War'© Priyadarshini Patwa_Mensxp

MensXP: Your own solo movie vs a movie with every MCU character. What was more challenging?

Benedict Cumberbatch: Different challenges, not more or less. You have a lot of burdens if it’s your film that you are carrying but at the same time, you have to both protect your character integrity and how you manage to be part of a much bigger picture. It’s a tiny square in a huge maze, Avengers family.

MensXP: Will we get to see Dr. Strange use the Time Gem to save the day again in ‘Infinity War’?

Benedict Cumberbatch: You will have to wait and see (grin)

MensXP: Will you survive Thanos’ assault on Earth? Any plans for Dr. Strange 2?

Benedict Cumberbatch: You will have to see that (laughs). You will need to watch the film to see if he makes it out the film alive. I said in the first film that Dr. Strange will be back and I have been back in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, I have been back in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, so if I will be back again? You will have to wait and see.

Dr. Strange Tells Us If He'll Survive 'Infinity War'© Marvel

MensXP: There’s a big match on TV and your wife wants to have dinner from a place that doesn’t deliver? What would Doctor Strange do?

Benedict Cumberbatch: He will probably portal himself to the restaurant and come back with the food and of course, pause the game as well, stop time!

MensXP: After all the interviews if Dr. Strange could go somewhere instantly to relax where would he go?

Benedict Cumberbatch: Hmm, a hammock or my bed or a spa (laughs), so many places like these, where normal people get to relax. Would like to have dinner with friends or he might just sit down and watch a movie, who knows (grins).

MensXP: What should people expect from Dr. Strange?

Benedict Cumberbatch: Expect the unexpected. Well, he is a lot better at his craft, he will be seen doing some pretty cool stuff. He is more mature, but a lot funny and he is definitely growing up.

MensXP: When can we expect Doctor Strange to come down to India?

Benedict Cumberbatch: Oh, he is coming down to India, just after this Interview. I am going to portal myself and say ‘hi’ and then portal myself back.

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