Dec 092017

Life is too short to miss out on good things! So when you are grumpy and low, movies are your go-to things that will transport you to a different world. 

We are human, and with that comes the share of feeling blue at times. Now, not all of us have a special someone to perk us up and that is when the magic of movies comes to our rescue. 

Here’s our list of feel-good movies that will make you feel warm and happy anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

1. Amelie

7 Feel-Good Movies To Lift Your Spirits© Claudie Ossard Productions

This critically acclaimed French romantic comedy movie is a must watch. The story revolves around a shy and lonely girl, Amelie. After a decidedly unusual childhood, Amelie develops an active imagination. At 22, she discovers her life’s purpose which is to make people happy. Her imagination roams freely as she invents various strategies to help the people around her. This enchanting movie with the lively and delightful Amelie charms you and leaves you asking for more.

2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

7 Feel-Good Movies To Lift Your Spirits© New Line Pictures

This movie fulfils every travel enthusiast’s fantasies. The story is about a simple middle-aged man named Walter Mitty, living a regular life, working a 9 to 5 job where every day is pretty much the same(basically, us). As the title aptly suggests, the story is about his secret life- his wild imagination; an alternate life that is enthralling. In a compelling turn of events, he embarks on a global journey to find his idol. One gets engrossed as the lines between his secret life and the real one gets blurred as he goes through some extraordinary adventures. 

3. Little Miss Sunshine

7 Feel-Good Movies To Lift Your Spirits© Fox Pictures

The story is so brilliantly laid out that it simply touches your heart. ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ is the story of a dysfunctional family as they embark on an adventure of a road trip, determined to enter their young daughter, Olive, a dumpling of a child with oversize glasses and a seemingly endless reserve of optimism, to compete in a beauty pageant called Little Miss Sunshine. This marvellous satire on modern life with its humorous one-liners along with the wonderful character development and terrific performances which gives us a sharp depiction of contemporary America makes for a touching human comedy.

4. Trolls

7 Feel-Good Movies To Lift Your Spirits© Dream Works

What better to feel happy than to watch the happiest creatures on earth. Trolls is an irreverent comedy extravaganza with incredible music featuring some of the biggest singers in very colourful avatars, this movie leaves you with that happy feeling. It is about a group of adorable trolls who are supposed to be the happiest creatures on this planet and are attacked and eaten by the Bergen (monsters) who believe that eating trolls is the only way to get happiness. However, this movie that may seem like a sweet concoction version of the Smurfs has a deeper message underneath it and is more relatable than you think. This movie tops the list, especially when you’re feeling down and low.

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

7 Feel-Good Movies To Lift Your Spirits© Warner Bros.

Director Tim Burton brings his unique vision and sensibility to Roald Dahl’s classic with his lavish screen interpretation. Charlie Bucket, who is poor but has a loving family, is lucky enough to obtain one of the golden tickets to visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Charlie is in for the ride of a lifetime as he tours the strange and remarkable world of Wonka with fellow winners. 

6. The Intouchables

7 Feel-Good Movies To Lift Your Spirits© SBS Movies

Based on a true story, ‘The Intouchables’ is a heartfelt movie about a beautiful friendship between two oddballs, Philippe, a rich widower who is paralyzed neck down and Driss, an ex-convict from Senegal. The two form a close bond where both lives are developed for better. An international blockbuster, ‘The Intouchables’ is a heart-warming and engaging movie that leaves you with a smile on your face.

7. About Time

7 Feel-Good Movies To Lift Your Spirits© RegencyEnterprises

This romantic comedy deals with about the vicissitudes of life and love. The film is every bit entertaining and revolves around 21 years old Tim, who realises that he has the ability to travel in time. He often time travels to help people around him and help build a strong bond with his family. However, he soon realizes that his exceptional gift does not protect him from the normal ups and downs of life. Filled with moving scenes and deep life lessons, this makes for an inspiring watch.

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