Oct 182017

Disclaimer: This article contains a major spoiler from the upcoming movie ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. 

The release of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is right around the corner, and we are already losing our minds contemplating how the story will unfold in the third installment of ‘Thor’ series. On one hand, Marvel Studios is trying their best to be impenetrable about the movie’s premiere, while others are simply making things tougher by creating loopholes in their plans by dropping massive spoilers. 

Earlier, we saw our beloved ‘Hulk’, Mark Ruffalo accidently stream the first few minutes of the film, after he went live from Instagram at the premiere of the film and forgot to turn the video off. Well, this time around too a massive plot-twist was revealed, but thankfully the cast wasn’t responsible for the spoiler. 

Thor Ragnarok spoiler© Marvel Studios

Blame it on a universal conspiracy or the over-excited junta, there are certain things that probably even Marvel Studios can’t control and spoilers lead that list. Recently, ‘Thor’ and ‘Hulk’ i.e. Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo appeared on an interview with ‘The Project’. In a bid to ask interesting questions, the TV host went ahead and blurted out one major story plot, leaving Chris Hemsworth visibly embarrassed and shocked after this gaffe. The host spoke about Cate Blanchett’s character ‘Hela’, the Goddess of death and referred to her as Thor’s SISTER. (ARE YOU KIDDING US?)

Thor Ragnarok spoiler© Youtube / TEN

Now this is definitely a massive blow because even in the comics, she has been addressed as Loki’s daughter, which will make her Thor’s niece since Loki is his adoptive brother. Anyway, without digging too deep into their relationship, the point is that Hela might actually be Thor’s sister, if the host’s words are taken into consideration. Hemsworth was also taken aback by this sudden revelation and shot back at the host saying, “You can’t say it’s his sister, you can’t give that away.” 


And not just once, the spoiler was dropped three times. So the reporter started the conversation with this bomb and we really have to applaud Hemsworth for not losing his cool completely. 

First Spoiler…

“Obviously it’s a star-studded cast, our very own – the gorgeous – Cate Blanchett plays your sister, Chris.”

Second Spoiler…

“Your Sister, Chris.”

Third Spoiler and the most major one…

“And for a lot of this movie, your sister – she’s trying to kill you, your brother…”

This is when Hemsworth interrupted him, but the damage was already done, so he tried to play it cool and said jokingly that “This is not live, is it? We can rewind the tapes…”

We guess after this gaffe, Mark Ruffalo is breathing a sigh of relief as he is no longer the king of spoilers. This host now takes the award home with this epic stint that we’ll most definitely remember for the longest time. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is slated for an October 25 release…and only then will we know if this major spoiler is actually true.  

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