Apr 132018

Alia Bhatt has both baffled and amazed her fans with the fantastic trailer of her upcoming thriller ‘Raazi’, where she plays the role of a Kashmiri spy called Sehmat. The movie is actually inspired by a real-life story, which makes it all the more exciting.

However, she managed to play this role with conviction thanks to her intense dedication in order to get into the skin of the character.

While playing a glamorous role usually requires an actor to do nothing more than looking good and convincing on screen with some slick dance skills to boot, portraying a raw character like that of Sehmat requires a whole different kind of effort. And Alia has brought that with her in spades for ‘Raazi’.  

Playing a spy meant that Alia had to learn how to fight and skilfully disarm men in real life and also knowing how the Morse code works. This newly released behind-the-scenes video gives a glimpse of how she managed to nail this entire look and justify the script.

The actor even learned how to drive for the role, even though she has never driven in her life. The movie is the story of a Kashmiri woman who marries into a Pakistani family and spies for India. The movie also stars Soni Razdan and Vicky Kaushal and is going to hit screens on May 11th.

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