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Ecstatic with his recent success, ‘Golmaal Again’, and still sinking in the compliments, actor Tusshar Kapoor invites us for a candid chat at his palatial abode, ‘Krishna 1’ in Mumbai. The chat has a special agenda – his 41st birthday. A single-parent to his two-year-old son, Laksshya, he is a hands-on father and balances his professional space with personal, accurately. While we start talking, the little munchkin arrives and clings on to dad’s arms. A small walk around the house, locked in dad’s arms, Laksshya looked at peace. We then continued with the exclusive interaction. Here’s wishing him, the heartiest birthday.

Tusshar Kapoor
Tusshar Kapoor

Excerpts from the interview:

What is it to be like Tusshar Kapoor on November 20?
It feels awesome, a year older, a year of fatherhood and a Golmaal franchise – an installment older. It feels wonderful that there are three celebrations – my son, my movie and my birthday.

How do you generally celebrate your birthday?
I just have friends over here. This is like my private space. We just had like a sundown kind of a thing and celebrate it by drinking out, chilling and partying away. But, it’s from early to late. I don’t do a big party every year.

This birthday becomes very special, with ‘Golmaal Again’s humongous success, so, this birthday, what are your professional aspirations?
Like any other actor, I would love to do some very good films that I haven’t done before. Maybe a horror film or a dance film, a thriller. Stuff that would challenge me and that will be path-breaking for my career also.

Since, you’re an avid horror movie lover, which ones are your favourite?
It would definitely be – ‘The Exorcist’ (1973), ‘It’ (2017), ‘The Shining’ (1980) and ‘The Conjuring’ (2013).

Any five wishes that you have in your heart for your 41st birthday and want them to get turned into reality?
– A healthy happy life for my son.

– Another blockbuster soon, just like ‘Golmaal Again’.

– A week of bingeing and nothing will come on to my body.

– A long nice holiday with best people of the world- friends.

– A long life for my parents.

Do you remember your 18th birthday, because that is a landmark in everyone’s lives?
I was in Michigan (University) and I went to an Indian restaurant with my friends. Then we went to the nightclub on our campus to party. I don’t really remember everything but it was in 1984.

Now that you are in your 40s, what advice would you like to give the 21-year-old you?
Don’t worry about things that are not in your control. Secondly, work harder but learn to be less hard on yourself.

If you were to write an open letter on your birthday, what would be the theme of it and who would it be dedicated to?
The only person I would write an open letter to is my son, which I would want him to read, once he grows up. I’ll write it now, saying that I love him, why I wanted to have him, how much I care about him and how much do I miss him, when I’m not with him. So, that would be directed to my son and I want him to read when he’s older.

This is your second birthday with Laksshya. So, how different will the celebration be than it used to be earlier?
On my birthday, I don’t really do anything with him. Last year, I gave him a t-shirt with the tagline, ‘Stay Calm, My Dad Just Turned 40’. He was just four-five months old and obviously didn’t understand what it meant. I would just spend the entire time with him, which I do every day. So, that wasn’t anything new that I did on my birthday. I took Laksshya to Dubai in December for a holiday. You can call it a birthday celebration in abroad somewhere for three-four days.

Does he realise the things that are happening around you, like for instance, the media around your house at the moment and so on?
He’s beginning to realise. He never had stranger anxiety, even when he was younger. Now, he’s begun to become a little bit of shy with new people around. So, I take him along. He’s getting a little aware and therefore a little anxious. Call it stranger anxiety or separation anxiety. He clings to me when he’s in a new atmosphere.

Quick Takes

The otherwise, introvert actor and birthday boy, Tusshar Kapoor makes some surprising revelations about his life, that one probably didn’t know about. Okay, the actor is like just anyone of us and shares many common things. Here are some of them:

One superpower you wish you had?
To go invisible at times like my movie ‘Gayab’.

Your celebrity crush?
J.Lo (Jennifer Lopez)

Your guilty pleasure movie that you won’t reveal?
I used to watch a lot of adult content when I was in the eighth standard. Electric Blue was one name.

An object you will never share with anyone.
I never share my phone.

Your last nightmare?
It was last night that I had interviews with the press today morning. So, will I be able to wake up if I don’t sleep properly was not less than a¬†nightmare.

One nasty comment you made about a co-actor?
Earlier, I’ve called a few of my co-actors as psychotic, sometimes fake. Yeah, I’ve made quite some nasty comments. It’s been for both male and female co-actors. I remember calling a female co-actor, a liar.

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