Nov 012017

You know what comes with a successful TV show? A plethora of theories that try to mesh different worlds and make a wonderful tale from it. ‘Stranger Things 2’ is no different. It’s been less than a week that it made its debut and theories have begun swirling all around.

This one theory suggests that there might be a relation between this sci-fi show and Stephen King’s ‘It’. Obviously, SPOILERS lie ahead.

If you have already passed watching the first two episodes from the second season, then you already know who Bob is (Winona Ryder’s onscreen love interest). So in the first episode, he mentions how he hates horror movies. Later, in episode 2 titled ‘Trick or Treat’, he mentions how his family lives in Maine and he explains Will how as a kid, he was terrorised by a clown but thought it was a recurring nightmare.

This Theory Explains How 'Stranger Things 2' Is Related To 'It'© Netflix

So the theory suggests that Bob is actually one of the surviving kids from the terror of Pennywise in ‘It’. The fact that Pennywise sprung in the city of Maine where Bob hails from, is actually making the whole theory more concrete. The Duffer Brothers, who are the brains behind ‘Stranger Things’, are actually pretty much fascinated and heavily inspired by Stephen King so it is not very surprising actually.

This Theory Explains How 'Stranger Things 2' Is Related To 'It'© New Line Cinema

The season of ‘Stranger Things 2’ has received a huge thumbs up from fans and is pretty intense as well. The show stars Millie Brown as the fierce Eleven, Winona Ryder as Will’s (Noah Schnapp) mother, and David Harbour as Jim Hopper. ‘Stranger Things’ is based in the town of Hawkins, during the 1980’s. There is a real world and then there is the ‘upside down’. The science fiction drama series is probably one of the highest ranked shows and also clearly one of the most famous Netflix originals out there.

If you love both the TV show and the movie in equal parts and Stephen King is your kind of writer, then bask in this new found theory.

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