Aug 202017

Internet is a dank and a super dark space for anyone and every one who is settled and nestled in the wonderful world of ‘Game Of Thrones’. Episodes being leaked, HBO being hacked and spoilers flying like mosquitoes in the air, it’s a game of spoilers and thrones alike.

These Fake GOT Spoilers Are Buzzing On The Internet Like Mosquitoes In The Air © HBO

The internet is swimming in a pool of fake spoilers which, I have to say, are hilarious.

Jon Snow uses Dragon glass to construct AT-AT’s  to take down the White Walkers  #FakeGameOfThronesSpoilers

— Darth VaderNo1™ðŸŒ? (@Darth_VaderNo1) August 17, 2017


After slaying the Night King and all three dragons, single handed, Lyanna Mormont takes the Iron Throne!#FakeGameOfThronesSpoilers

— Nolene Dougan (@NoleneDougan) August 17, 2017


Some people predict that Dany and the vamp back in King’s Landing will switch to sisterhood.

Daenerys and Cersei become best friends and share the 7 kingdoms equally and live happily ever after � #FakeGameOfThronesSpoilers

— ariana (@msarianayo) August 17, 2017


This has to be the mother of fake spoilers right here!

Bran wakes up. All a dream. #FakeGameOfThronesSpoilers

— Shea Browning (@SheaBrowning) August 17, 2017

Of course, there is Jon Snow in the theories

Jon Snow hugs the Night King
Melting the ice around his heart
And the people of Whoville cheered#FakeGameOfThronesSpoilers

— LamonTReacTs (@LamonTReacTs) August 17, 2017


John Snow does not condemn the white walkers for their killings because “there is blame on both sides” #FakeGameOfThronesSpoilers

— Monserrat Benavides (@MonserratB) August 17, 2017


Also, there was mention of a Trump theory which is funny!

Donald Trump ends up on the Iron Throne. Scarier than Cersei #FakeGameOfThronesSpoilers

— Generalissimo Trump (@Pol_PoTrump) August 17, 2017


But this mention of Greyjoy is major ‘Burrnnnnn’. Damn!

Theon’s dick comes back as a White Walker.

— Téa Lackovich ðŸ?? (@LackovicTea) August 17, 2017

In another world, gear up for the next episode tomorrow when hell is going to break loose. 

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