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The decades of speculations and guessing has finally come to an end. Superstar Rajnikanth is all set to enter politics and the fans can’t keep calm. Worshipped by many, he made an official announcement today that took the whole nation by storm.

Dressed in a plain white kurta and pants, the superstar took the stage at the Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam in Chennai’s T Nagar and all one could hear was the crowd cheering, “Thalaiva…Thalaiva”.

And finally, everything came to a standstill in Tamil Nadu, when he declared, “My entry into politics is certain.”

Rajinikanth (c) Twitter

Well, if you know the range of this demigod….one doesn’t need to tell you how he is loved and admired by the masses. “I will form my own political party and contest from all 234 seats in the next Assembly Election,” Rajnikanth said.

What attracted everyone was not just the man standing in front of lakhs of his fans but it was his vision that gave his followers a new hope.

“Devoid of caste, a spiritual governance, spiritual politics, honesty, and transparency. That’s my goal. I cannot do this on my own, this is like taking the pearl from the sea, God’s grace, people’s love, respect and cooperation and support, all these are needed to achieve this. I fully believe I will get God’s grace and people’s support.”

Now that’s Thalaiva talking!

“If I was hungry for power, I would have entered politics in 1996”, said Rajinikanth. 

Rajinikanth (c) Twitter

He clearly said that he was entering politics, not for money or power but just to serve people. He also termed his entry as the compulsion of time. The actor is known for his good deeds and now seeing him on the political hot seat will be interesting.

Rejoice Tamil Nadu, the ultimate Boss is here!

Read the full text of his speech:

“I am not worried about coming to politics, I am worried about the media. 

Even big shots see the media and get scared, and I am a small person.

I miss Cho, if he was near me now, it would have been like having 10 elephants with me.

Karmanye Vaadhika-raste, Maa Phaleshu Kadachana – Do what you have to do, and the results will follow, the Bhagavad Gita has said.

My entry into politics is certain. Naa Arasiyalku Varuvadhu Urudhi.

This is the compulsion of the times.

I will contest the state assembly polls in all the 234 constituencies in the upcoming polls. 

I am not entering politics for money or fame. If I wanted power, I could have done it in 1996. But I did not want it then. When I was 45 I did not want it, would I want it now? I would be a fool if I did.

As a spiritual person I say, politics has become rotten. Democracy has worsened.

I know this is not easy, it is like diving into the deep seas for pearls.

I have the blessings of God and support of people, I have that confidence.

People are being looted by politicians now. They come to power and they cheat people in several ways. 

The party worker is the most important part of any party. But I don’t want party workers, I want protectors. I want protectors who ensure that no one acts out of selfishness. I want protectors who ensure that no one acts out of selfishness. I want protectors who hold leaders accountable. I am the representative of a group of protectors.

Every corner of state should have our office that is our first task. Till then, do not talk politics, including me. Don’t talk about other politicians, don’t protest.

Truth, hard work and success is our temple.

Our Army will be there in the upcoming state assembly elections.

Long Live Tamil Nadu

Jai Hind.”



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