Mar 162018

So, the new ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ trailer just dropped and I am about to die. Not even going to get into the specifics. Just watch this masterful piece of film-making that made me cry in the middle of work:

There is so much we have to talk about. There are so many things you may have missed. So keep coming back here as we talk about each and every second of this trailer:

 0:02 – Starting off with the world upside down. Reminds us of Dr. Strange.

0:12 – Good to see Rhodey back on his feet. Still can’t get over Black Widow’s blonde hair. Don’t we all love redheads?

0:19 – No more Tesseract? :'(

0:21 – Hello Gamora, who you talking to?

0:24 – Hello Robert. It’s been so long since we’ve seen your beautiful face.

0:27 – Don’t think it’s part of the same scene anymore. But, expert editing nonetheless. Let’s give the guys some credit.

0:29 – Look at that glorious bald head of Thanos. It’s shining brighter than our future. He’s the kind of ‘God’ I’d gladly let kill me.

0:32 – New logo doesn’t take half an hour. Great move Marvel. Love you more already.

0:33 – Peter wearing his mask on the side of his school bus? Just when you thought the little guy’s life couldn’t get more complicated.

0:34 – Customary bridge shot.

0:39 – Did Iron Man just turn his feet into a booster? Where do his feet go? So many questions. Stark tech really is ‘out there.’ What’s he flying towards, though? The stolen ship from Ragnarok?

0:42 – Dr. Strange showing off that time stone of his. Too bad Thanos will get his hands on it and wipe out so many superheroes in this one. 🙁

0:44 – Good to see the whole Scarlett Witch-Vision story is still a thing. But, if you remember the first trailer, it won’t last too long unfortunately.

0:46 – We’re back to Wakanda so soon?

0:49 – Look at that glorious beard on Cap. It almost makes up for Black Widow going blonde.

0:50 – ‘Your highness.’

0:51 – No more ‘Black Museum’ trips for you Letitia.

0:53 – The Guardians are here. The Guardians are here. 

0:56 – Star-Lord meets Iron Man. Finally, someone who can out talk Stark. Let’s not forget Stark’s way smarter, though. Perhaps he’s using the good old let the idiots talk ploy?

0:58 – Yeah, Tom. That’s what we would be doing if we were standing in the middle of Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr. and Batista. Don’t even think this is acting. Just pre fanboying from the lad. The lucky bugger!

1:01 – Can’t wait for Batista to say something. Come on Dave, say something! Talk down to Iron Man. We’re dying to see it happen.

1:02 – Cool new arc reactor Stark. Glad to see you aren’t done inventing!

1:04 – April 27th!!!!!! Come already!

1:07 – So much cool Wakandan tech.

1:08 – Is that Veronica? Looks like her. But, bigger. Much, much bigger. Hell yeah! Bring it on!

1:10 – The funniest cape in the universe?

1:11 – Hey, Rocket’s here too!

1:13 – Talk about electric!

1:14 – Even Baby Groot having trouble with all that electricity in the room!

1:17 – Now that’s Thanos’ ship for sure.

1:19 – Thanos in all his glory. Look at that beautiful battle helmet. It’s gorgeous!

1:21 – Who is that kid? Is it a kid? Is it a replacement for Gamora?

1:24 – In 10 years, never have we seen Thor scream in pain like that.

1:26 – Even Loki is speechless. That’s actual fear in his eyes! Can you see it? Can you?

1:27 – Look at Bucky readying up his gun. What good is that going to do? It will help take down goons for sure. But, what about Thanos?

1:29 – Cap’s new shield. Yaay!

1:30 – Good to see all the tribes fighting side-by-side.

1:33 – Some solid teamwork there between Star-Lord and Strange.

1:37 – Who the hell is this guy?

1:40 – That’s Falcon yo!

1:42 – Yes Thanos. No one can forget any of them!

1:45 – Hold on a minute. Did Captain America just stop a punch from Thanos? Did he now? AWESOME!

1:52 – Waited so long for this. So, so, long!

2:04 – Peter Parker being Peter Parker. Dr. Strange is so cool, though. Dr. Strange does seem made up, right?

2:14 – Perfect to end the trailer with the Iron Spider doing some spidering around!

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