Jan 092018

If you are a Marvel fan or someone who loves superheroes movies, then we are sure you would have marked the release date of ‘Black Panther’, on your calendar by now. And if waiting for the movie’s release wasn’t tough already, Marvel is making things difficult for us by releasing short teasers and TV spots and the latest clip is the new addition in the bandwagon.

Latest Trailer Of 'Black Panther' Shows Awesome New Footage© Marvel

“You’re telling me the king of a third world country runs around in a bulletproof catsuit?” There could not have been a wittier and hilarious start to the trailer than this question that Martin Freeman asked on behalf of every ‘Black Panther’ fan out there. We are not trying to be sarcastic here; it’s just that we are quite excited about an epic showdown between the new king T’Challa (his father was killed in ‘Captain America: Civil War’) and Eric Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), and how all of this affects Wakanda’s fate. 

However, unlike other teasers, this one focused more on Killmonger challenging T’Challa’s superiority and gave us an insight to other characters that were until now under the wraps. 

Directed by Ryan Coogler, the movie also stars Andy Serkis, Daniel Kaluuya and Lupita Nyong’o among others. The teaser looks exceptionally good and the soundtrack playing in the background literally had us right from the second it started.

Although this TV spot does not give much info about how the storyline will unfold, it surely intrigued us and gave us yet another reason to hit the theatres on February 16, 2018. These teasers are proof that ‘Black Panther’ has all that it needs to become one of the biggest blockbusters of 2018.

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