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When you are Elon Musk and possess the ability to dream of stuff that most people can’t even imagine, and are actually working hard on sending humans to Mars, nothing about you is usual or average

Elon Musk is not monogamous and that is not news to anyone. The latest woman to be wooed by his charm is Claire Boucher, also known as Grimes. The pair made their public debut as a couple at the Met Gala and raised quite a few eyebrows.

Elon Musk & His New Girlfriend Claire Boucher Aka Grimes Debut At The Met Gala© Instagram

Clair is a singer and turns out, Elon is actually a fan of her music and found an instant connection with her when he responded to a nerdy Tweet about Rococo Basilisk made by Grimes.

@rodarte @bloodpop

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gothing at the MET BALL! in honour of the unreal Rei Kawakubo, purveyor of ac!d fashion. thank u so much to PROENZA @proenzaschouler who made this dress for me and of course the ladies who did my hair and makeup @aliciamariecampbell and @mischag 🖤🖤🖤 🦅⚔ï¸?âš”ï¸? also i met my favourite actress @deepikapadukone but i was too stressed to ask for a pic 😪 also thank u @voguemagazine and the unreal mind blowing metropolitan museum and also thank u to the egyptian exhibit… got to eat mochi next to ancient statues? 😲i

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The internet cannot cope with this couple and some even believe that she is dating him to get off this planet. LOL what?

grimes strategically dating elon to get a free ride off of planet earth

— lina abascal (@linalovesit) May 7, 2018

maybe Grimes is just hoping Elon Musk will do her like that car and blast her into space for free

— Lady MacDeath (@InfiniteJess) May 8, 2018

The unusual pairing has got a lot of people cracking jokes and offcourse people have gone on overdrive googling how and why this happened.

grimes and elon musk met because he was going to tweet a joke about AI but then saw she did it first and now they’re dating?????????

— maya kosoff (@mekosoff) May 7, 2018

Grimes went from tweeting Elon Musk to being his date at the #MetGala SOMEBODY END THIS SIMULATION

— ðŸ?­ (@moonlightzenty) May 8, 2018

Also, many people fell that this development has ruined 2018 for them. Why though?

trump is president, elon musk is dating grimes, kanye has lost his fucking mind, kylie had a baby named stormi, yo celebrity culture in 2018 is fucking wild y’all

— Sizzy Rocket (@sizzyrocket) May 7, 2018

theory: grimes is literally just trying to get to space and her seduction of elon musk is an elaborate ruse so she can use spacex to record her next album high as fuck in a shitty apartment on her macbook on mars

— Adrian (@astralcheeks) May 8, 2018

Grimes is known for her love for everything Goth and punk.


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Do you have any thoughts about this, or are you shook like most people on the internet?

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