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I know you will be tired by now since I am going to say this for the nth time that superheroes, jedis, ghosts and deadly clowns owned Hollywood for most of 2017. However, I forgot to mention one show that has been ruling our hearts ever since its first season premiered in April, 2011. This show made us fall in love with gore and dragons, and actually deal with the concept of incest like no one else. Yes, we are talking about our beloved show ‘Game of Thrones’. GOT’s insane popularity is evident that people across the globe not only love it, but also eagerly wait for every teeny tiny update about the show, its release date and actors. 

game of thrones

However, not every revelation is as good as the rest of the information and you guys will know this by now, given that we braved all the spoilers, script leaks, hacks and are now all set to welcome the final season of the show. 

But, before we venture into the next season, we have come across this one particular piece of information that will give you sleepless nights, not because it’s scary but because it’s super creepy to imagine. 

game of thrones© HBO

We all loved Daenerys’ dragon babies and watching them grow and turn into beasts was definitely a visual treat for all the GOT fans. Every time the dragons roared on screen, our hearts shuddered a little in fear. But, after the show’s sound designer Paula Fairfield revealed how that noise was made, we don’t know if we should fear them or laugh at this recent revelation.

Fairfield, in an interview with WNYC radio show Radiolab, said that Drogon’s purr or voice was actually the groan of a pair of giant tortoises mating.

game of thrones© HBO

‘I have sounds I might choose simply by certain personality traits that I might want to push forward. She named that dragon after Khal Drogo, her hot late husband, so Drogon is like her lover. He’s whistling at her all the time, he’s whistling at her butt and saying, ‘Ooh baby.’” 

In fact, Fairfield also feels that giving these mythical creatures some distinctive voices will make them empathic to the audience. Which is why, every dragon has different voices and personalities. 

Just in case you feel creeped out by this discovery and want to listen to the sound again, check this out. 


Source: Daily Mail 

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