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While many people write letters and words of anguish in unrequited love or storm celebrity homes in Mumbai to get a glimpse of their celebrity crush, Diljit Dosanjh has his own unique way of expressing all kinds of emotions. His celebrity crush Kylie Jenner may have never responded to his sweet nothings but all of us have secretly prayed and loved Diljit to actually get together with Kylie! His new track, which was rumoured to be a dedication to Kylie, is finally here and boy, do we love it!

Okay now talking about first impressions of the video, the music is absolutely catchy and like every time, he doesn’t disappoint! I am getting full Drake vibes from him and talking about lyrics, he nailed it right there. Yeezys, high end ‘gaddiyan’, a reference to Kim asking Kylie about Diljit, everything about this song is super and FUN. This one is going to my play list and obviously I am guessing, it’s going to rule the wedding season as well. He’s already trending on social media right now.

Lao ji another super hit dropped by @diljitdosanjh #highend  #confidential  on repeat already👌ðŸ?»

— arsh bhullar (@bhullar_arsh) February 21, 2018

Like @Drake  , people love @diljitdosanjh  more as a person than thejr music , this shit is rare and rare is rare these days ðŸ™?ðŸ?½?ï¸? @diljitdosanjh  Man can’t wait  to see you  makin mark on Hollywood too #DOSANJGANG #HIGHENED

— PERRY SINGH (@itsperrysingh) February 21, 2018

And Paaji  setting Benchmarks again and again ……Watch it guys High End out Now 🔥🔥👌👌👌 pic.twitter.com/nSYkp4gQBy

— Rishi (@RishiSaluja30) February 21, 2018

Diljit is currently awaiting the release of his upcoming movie ‘Rangroot’ and he looks fantastic as a World War II Indian soldier.

A great singer, superb performer, fashion icon, and also a talented actor, this guy is nailing every damn thing like he has the Midas touch himself.

Tu Pose Maar La Phelan Dosanjhanwaleya … Baki Kam Asi Badh Ch Kar La Ge Bharava 🤩

A post shared by Diljit Dosanjh (@diljitdosanjh) on Feb 2, 2018 at 5:48am PST

He’s also judging a reality show at the moment and gearing up for his upcoming tour in the UK. Diljit is perhaps one of the few artists out there who actually entertain and take care of every minute detail about their work. While most songs these days usually revolve around iPhones and guns, Diljit’s tracks still strike a chord with fans.

Hatda ni tu Diljit! But we love it.

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