Nov 142017

Obviously spoilers! (Although if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you even doing?) 

Matt Damon somehow ‘Jason Bourned’ his way into ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and those of us with the eagle eye were pretty much bouncing on our seats like idiots and gasping for air when that moment arrived. However, it is incredible how his amazing cameo went mostly unnoticed by many, not because it was not up to the mark, but he blended so damn well with the scene that it was almost camouflage! Still, how could anyone miss him? 

What is insane is that Damon did not have a sneaky see-and-miss cameo but had a full-fledged appearance involving a scene from a play, where all eyes were literally on him. STILL, the audience was clearly so engrossed with the movie that they glazed over who was in the scene. Did YOU catch his cameo? Or are you in the glorious club of those who missed it?

The scene came pretty soon into the movie, when Thor comes back to Asgard and witnesses a weird picture unfolding as his oh-so-noble father Odin is behaving in a very odd manner. Surprise! Turns out it was Loki (no, he is not dead from ‘Thor: The Dark World’) disguised as Odin and watching a play where his ‘supposed death’ was being honoured. This is where Damon makes his entrance, as he plays Loki complete with the green-gold outfit and greasy black wig. 

Two other A-list cameos were also part of this silly yet absolutely brilliant scene, as a weepy, emotional Thor crying over the dying body of Loki was portrayed by Chris Hemsworth’s own brother Luke and Odin by played by Sam Neill. 

I remember sitting in the hall and losing my mind watching this incredible scene unfold before my eyes as I practically stuffed my fist into my mouth to stop myself from fanboying. I mean it was so out of the blue and it was MATT ‘effing DAMON for heaven sake! 

However, I was absolutely dismayed by the total lack of reaction by the audience. Although, I did hear a few expletives from somewhere in the back. I even poked the dude next to me saying, “dude that’s Matt Damon!” and he had the nerve to ask me, “really? Are you sure? Oh yaaaah” 

Anyway, the scene set the perfect tone of hilarity in the opening moments, from where the plot unfurls perfectly. The ‘real’ Thor realises that the ‘real’ Loki is alive and that the ‘real’ Odin has been exiled, and thus the story begins.

Full points go to the ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ team for keeping the amazing cameos under wraps for such a long time. Pretty sure everyone was threatened with their lives in order to keep this secret iron-clad bound. 

Hollywood Reporter quoted screenwriter Eric Pearson saying that he had no clue about the casting decision until July, after which he was practically sworn to secrecy.

“It was one of those, ‘Don’t tell your wife. You cannot tell anyone.’ [Marvel exec] Brad [Winderbaum] took me over to the side, and showed me the picture [of Damon] in full costume and I lost my mind,” he said. 

So now, if you have missed the cameo, you know what to do. First, bang your head against the wall real hard for being an ignorant fool and then go watch it again. Seriously! 

Nov 062017

Thor’s mighty hammer continues to shatter records at Box-office, as ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ blazed past crime-thriller ‘Ittefaq’ at Indian box-office.

The third movie in Marvel’s ‘Thor’ franchise grossed Rs 27.66 crore at Indian box-office in the opening weekend.

Ragnarok‘Thor: Ragnarok’ 

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh confirmed the news. Chris Hemsworth-starrer made Rs 7.77 crore on Friday, Rs 9.43 crore on Saturday, and Rs 10.46 crore on Sunday.

The third film in the `Thor¿ series has already passed the lifetime grosses of the previous two Thor movies in India.

‘Ragnarok’ is roaring in the U.S. too as the flick opened to a thunderous USD 121 million in North America.

The movie also grossed USD 151.4 million in its second week of international release, taking the movie’s worldwide total to USD 427 million.

Meanwhile, Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘Ittefaq’ made Rs 16.05 crore.

The movie started its week with a lukewarm collection of Rs 4.05 crore on Friday. It picked up pace on Saturday with Rs 5.50 crore and a Sunday collection of Rs 6.50 crore.

Mostly positive reviews helped the film from its second day.

Directed by Abhay Chopra, the film also stars Akshaye Khanna in a pivotal role.

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Nov 022017

The God of Thunder might scare almost everyone with his mighty hammer Miolnir, but this time, Thor isn’t just bestowed with a ton of superpowers but an impeccable sense of humour that will make you love him instantly.

With an amazing cast and perfect comic timing, director Taika Waititi has crafted one of the best Marvel films in recent times. Unlike the first two films which were weighed down with unnecessary drama, this one is happy, fun and most importantly, engaging. You have Thor who refuses to take himself seriously and that’s all you need to enjoy this film.

Plot: The family saga of Thor continues in the third film as Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is being his douchy self and the Asgardians have to deal with a vengeful Hela (Cate Blanchett), the goddess of Death. Her sole motive is to burn Asgard down and turn it into ash. Meanwhile, both the brothers have been banished to some backwards planet which is ruled by the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum). The only way for Thor to get off of this planet is through brutal combat. And this is where the Hulk comes in. You have all seen the trailers and have a fair idea of what to expect, but let us tell you that the battle between the two heroes is truly awe-inspiring.  

Thor: Ragnarok Review© Marvel Studios

So sit back and let us tell you why ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is the must-watch film this weekend!

A Hilarious, Comic Romp

Thor: Ragnarok Review© Marvel Studios

From the very first scene, Thor is cracking jokes. Be it dangling in front of a Surtur, the fire demon or fighting the mighty Hulk, he’s got a quick tongue which leaves us in splits. And we thought he was too stubborn to even flex a laughing muscle!

All Hail Taika Waititi

In an excellent move, Waititi has used the narration of the film as a backdrop rather than wrapping the entire film around it.

Trying to bring out the best, he blends the frenetic action from ‘The Avengers’ and some of the humour from ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, proving that you need some sort of creativity if you aim to entertain the viewers.

Thor Has A 21st-Century Sense Of Humour

This is the smartest way anyone has dealt with the character of Thor so far. Despite being a part of the Avengers, he has never really gotten that ‘legendary’ status in the Marvel universe. His fantasy realm doesn’t really excite us nor can he be called Marvel’s best creation. But Taika Waititi did what other directors couldn’t; he tapped into the comedic skills of Chris Hemsworth, thus freeing him of his heavy macho avatar. We totally love this new Thor, by the way!

Witness The Hulk Like Never Before

Thor: Ragnarok Review© Marvel Studios

For the first time, you get to see Hulk in a way that leaves you slack-jawed. From playing the bestial monster to the mild-mannered Bruce Banner, Mark Ruffalo is absolutely phenomenal. The additional cast is great as well, with the standout being Tessa Thompson who plays Valkyrie.

The Film Has A Few Potholes But It’s Not Enough To Detract From The Overall Story

Thor: Ragnarok Review© Marvel Studios

Of course, the story has various potholes which leave you with more than a few ifs and buts. You have a superhero, an unavoidable catastrophe, and an evil force that just can’t be killed. The CGI and VFX isn’t as amazing as you’d expect it to be but despite all this ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ gets away with it because of its utterly entertaining script and writing. 

MensXP Verdict: After watching this, we’re totally rooting for the God of Thunder and we bet you will too! Try and catch all the silly names the team come up with when comparing themselves to The Avengers.

Oct 152017

Perhaps one of the most heavily advertised Marvel Studios franchise, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is setting excitement fever ticking on high, ever since the trailer and teaser were dropped and people literally lost it. 

In the latest instalment, Thor has been held captive on0QwXMRHg another planet without his hammer ‘Mjolnir’ and has to return to his world of Asgard in order to stop supervillain Hela and the doomed Ragnarok. However, in order to do so, he has to fight Hulk and THAT is the challenge.



The craving for the release is increasing by the minute and while fans await the November release, Marvel has been tantalising poor souls by throwing around casual videos which are basically adding fuel to the fire. The latest TV spot that was released shows Thor in a gladiatorial battle with Hulk. Cate Blanchett looks fantastic as Hela who represents death and is furiously hell bent on wiping out Asgard. 


Kneel…for your queen. Cate Blanchett is #Hela in #ThorRagnarok. In theaters November 3! #HelaWeen

— Thor (@thorofficial) October 7, 2017


The stellar star cast includes Tom Hiddleton as ‘Loki’, Chris Hemsworth as ‘Thor’, Benedict Cumberbatch as ‘Dr. Strange’ and of course you’ll see a lot of Tessa Thompson. 

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ was dope! The action was awesome. The visuals were insane and it was extremely funny. Top 5 marvel movie. #ThorRagnarok

— Geeks Of Color (@GeeksOfColor) October 11, 2017

#ThorRagnarok is stunningly fun and hilarious! A modern-but-maybe-even-better Bukaroo Banzai/Flash Gordon! Splashy, colorful awesomeness!

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) October 11, 2017

THOR RAGNAROK is hilarious & weird & offbeat & retro & sublime. Love how Marvel let Taika Waititi make a movie that’s Waititi-ish as hell.

— Kevin Polowy (@djkevlar) October 9, 2017

If you are a fan, then the decision is obvious for you to watch it. The wait is soon going to be over, so stay strong and wait for it. It’s going to be glorious!

Oct 112017

If the wait for the premiere of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ wasn’t hard enough, actor Mark Ruffalo made it worse by teasing us with an 

accidental glimpse of a portion of the film. Yes, all his fans were in for a great surprise when Ruffalo went live from the Los Angeles world premiere from which he went live on Instagram, but forgot to turn it off.  

Mark Ruffalo Livestreamed Part Of 'Thor: Ragnarok' On Instagram© YouTube

People were listening and commenting on his Instagram live (although it was only audio) and wondering about how long it will take for Ruffalo to realize this mistake. At least now we know that we aren’t the only victims of social media gaffes, as celebs too fall prey to it.

Apparently, during the screening, our beloved Bruce Banner aka Hulk, who until then was pointing his phone at the audience, forgot to switch off the app and kept the phone in his pocket as it is. Although, the fans couldn’t see what was going on, they did get to hear some dialogues.

Mark Ruffalo Livestreamed Part Of 'Thor: Ragnarok' On Instagram© marvel studios

Now we don’t know if someone informed him about this goof up or he figured it out on his own, but he eventually stopped his live feed. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios was secretive about the premiere and asked the people attending it to turn off their mobile phones and get them locked in sealed pouches before walking inside the theatre. Just like Bruce Banner rips his clothes into shreds when turning into the Hulk, irony was ripped apart by Ruffalo during the film’s premiere. Clearly, superheroes are beyond these rules made for us humans.

After this livestream goof-up, internet has already found its new king of spoilers in Mark Ruffalo. Poor man has our sympathies. You just CAN’T hate Ruffalo! But the internet is a mean, mean world.

mark ruffalo accidentally staying on instagram live while watching thor just made my day

— caroline reid (@lizzieolses) 11 October 2017

@MarkRuffalo i think you accidentally spoiled the movie and Marvel is judging you from afar now. #ThorRagnarokPremiere

— Susana ðŸ˜? (@reidikulus) 11 October 2017

Marvel is gonna whoop Mark Ruffalo’s ass

— sarah 🎃👻 (@finnreyz) 11 October 2017

I feel bad for him but at the same time I can’t stop laughing😂😂😂 Mark Ruffalo everone ðŸ‘?😔😂

— melissa solis (@melimukeaf) 11 October 2017

Best moment of 2017: Mark Ruffalo not knowing how to turn off an instagram live story so he just livestreams the entirety of Thor Ragnarok

— Sydneii Cee (@TheSydzilla) 11 October 2017

That moment when Mark Ruffalo is still live on Instagram so you hear the first 15 minutes of #ThorRagnarok #ThorRagnarokPremiere 😅

— Mélissa Youance (@MaylayssaL) 11 October 2017

OMG Mark Ruffalo forgot to turn off his instagram live video at the Thor: Ragnarok premiere and 2000 people are listening in his pocket

— Hal Rhorer (@halrhorer) 11 October 2017

Mark Ruffalo put his phone on his pocket without closing the Instagram app and is basically doing a live of the movie 😂

— Bru (@benedictdaily) 11 October 2017

The movie is slated for November 3 release and despite the gaffe, we still love you Ruffalo! Breathe!

Aug 112017

He surprised everyone with his awesome performance in ‘Thor’ and the ‘Avengers’. And, there is literally no one who doesn’t love him. Well, Chris Hemsworth is undoubtedly amazing, a fabulous actor and a heartthrob to boot. Is there anything this man can’t do?

The Hollywood and Aussie hunk has been in some excellent films, proving his versatility as an actor. The ‘Thor’ star is surely a super busy man these days as his latest film ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is set to hit theatres in November! And, we can’t wait. 

However, as the actor turns 34 today, we’ve compiled a list of some his most brilliant performances for y’all!

1. Star Trek (2009)

This popular reboot of one of the most popular science fiction franchises ever didn’t just kick start Chris’s career but he also managed to grab several eyeballs. Starring in a small yet a pivotal role as George Samuel Kirk (James’ father), he not just opens up the film but sets the whole story in motion. His aura and performance as a heroic father figure is so moving that you understand why Kirk wants to fulfil what his father wanted. 

2. A Perfect Getaway (2009) 

Well, this film didn’t really make it big in Hollywood but certainly gave Chris the presence he needed to prove his acting skills. In the film, he plays a Kale, a young hitchhiker who is accused of murder by a couple. Despite his limited screen presence, he was bright enough to get noticed and the rest is history. 

3. Thor (2011)

Best known for his role as the Marvel Comics superhero Thor, people went gaga over his performance. He and Tom Hiddleston, who ultimately played Loki, both had auditioned for the role. Just wondering would we want anyone else except Hemsworth playing this character? In 2012 he reprised his role again as Thor in The Avengers as one of the six superheroes and yet again impressed viewers. 

4. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

This wasn’t your normal fairytale. ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ took a more sinister look inside the life of the raven haired princess. Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Donning Eric’s character, whose task is to murder Snow White (Kristen Stewart), he was equally scary and caring. His performance was loved by the critics, who didn’t love the film as much. 

5. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

This film was a very different gig from his previous roles. The plot revolves arund four young adults who face unspeakable horrors on a weekend getaway. As Curt, he did a terrific job and many won’t believe it but this film’s got a cult following as well. 

6. Rush (2013)

This film, based on a true story, is worth a watch. The movie depicts the true rivalry between Formula One drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt, where Hemsworth plays the latter character and garnered positive reviews for his performance. 

7. Thor: Ragnarok

This list couldn’t have been completed without mentioning this film. Yeah, we know the film is yet to be released but when he effortlessly entertained us in ‘Thor’, we are sure as shit that he will do the same this time as well. And he’s teaming up with the Hulk! The HULK!