Sep 032017

If there’s one character who we have felt a range of emotions for, it’s Theon Greyjoy. From contempt to pity to rage to pit again, the audience has been left confused whether to despise him or feel sorry for him. The man lost his manhood and his sanity to the vicious Ramsay Bolton and life was never the same of him again. But Theon did make a baller of a comeback when he stood up for Yara in front of his men. Probably the first time he realized not having balls could actually be good for him!

Alfie Allen, the actor who plays Theon, seems to have a lot of sass in real life though. An extremely talented actor – it’s not easy to portray the layered personality of Theon-Reek-Theon – he has a sense of humour to match it.

This Fan Trolled Theon With A Balls Joke & The Actor's Reply Was More Brutal Than The Dothraki

Recently, a fan Olivia Bowes clicked a selfie with him and shared it on her Instagram  profile. Trying to crack a ‘balls’ joke about Theon, she captioned the picture: “Unlike Theon I grew some balls and asked for a photo.”

Unlike Theon I grew some balls and asked for a photo��

A post shared by Olivia Bowes (@olivia.bowes) on Aug 30, 2017 at 6:28am PDT

But Alfie would have none of it. The actor replied with a comeback so savage even Ramsay Bolton would feel the heat.

This Fan Trolled Theon With A Balls Joke & The Actor's Reply Was More Brutal Than The Dothraki

The fan Olivia had no option but to attempt to salvage the situation

This Fan Trolled Theon With A Balls Joke & The Actor's Reply Was More Brutal Than The Dothraki

No one messes with Theon; he is no Reek anymore. In another universe:

Regram @tomwlaschiha great pic

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Aug 272017

It’s the final countdown to the end. I am talking about exactly what you have been thinking all this week. ‘Game Of Thrones’ finale is finally hours away from now and while I am extremely anxious, and excited, there are a few expectations I have from the finale. We all are seeking a few answers from the writers, we all want to know if we shall touch catharsis and which main character is going to die, will Dany give in to Jon, what happens to the ice dragon and what not!

eres A List Of  What We Are Expecting From The Game Of Thrones Finale © HBO

Okay, so I decided to voice all our emotions and here is a list of everything we are expecting to witness in the finale:

1. Will Jon and Dany finally have a ‘moment’ ?

got finale © HBO

The chemistry is obvious, the fire is burning bright. He’s probably her nephew (we don’t care now) and he’s bent more than his knee. What happens to them now. I don’t want to wait for this romance to blossom in the next season. So if the makers want to break our heart with a break up or seize the day with them declaring their feelings, tomorrow is a good time to do it.

2. Cersei’s prophecy

got finale © HBO

There is much ado about what happens to the queen we all love to hate. Will Maggy’s prophecy show its colors, will Jaime kill his beloved sister himself? Will she betray him, and become the mad queen? Tell me or drop a hint please!

3. Is Bryan finally opening his mouth?

GOT finale © HBO

Okay, I have to admit. His silence is pivotal to the plot, but I am kinda annoyed with his behaviour. Please make him talk to Jon already! Stop dragging it. Is he the Night King really?! Please put him to some innocuous use and make us like him again.

4. The Arya-Sansa cold war

got finale © HBO

We loved it when the Stark sisters reunited and lately the tensed environment between them is becoming a melting point of a lot of tension. There are theories that one of them might die and it’s scary. Arya has a list of people to kill and Sansa has a dream to be on the top of a ruling house. Will the sisters unite or will they further divide? Cannot wait to know!

5. What is Baelish up to?

go finale © HBO

Okay, this man’s creepy smile is an award winning expression in itself. When he is not low key creeping out around Sansa, he’s plotting away something all the time. Will he die? All that he’s done has been the crux of all that followed. It is going to be extremely interesting to watch.

6. Will Samwell save the day?

got finale © HBO

This would be a cliché, but maybe it will be heart warming to watch this man who is now a very important character. Will he again learn something valuable and share it with Jon? What happens to him and his new found reservoir of knowledge now?

7. The Mountain vs the Hound

got finale © HBO

This is going to a very classy battle. The showdown has been getting us to the point where a major fight sequence between the two brothers is being anticipated.

8. Is anyone going to kill Theon Greyjoy?

got finale © HBO

Honestly, I couldn’t care less. Watching him die will be interesting because I really want to know who finally does it. He’s been running away from death for a very long time already. So while it’s going to be nail biting and exciting, we will be sad and in a comatose mode for a few weeks since GOT is not returning for a long time! Anyways, please stay away from spoilers and have a wonderful visual feast. 

Jul 312017

Today’s ‘Game of Thrones’ episode brought some major twists and turns. From major meet-ups to some diplomacy plans, it goes without saying that the 4th episode of GOT seventh season is already getting people excited.

A week is left for the next episode and things are going to get a lot more intense and interesting. We don’t know much of what to expect from it, as the 30 seconds trailer hardly gives out a lot of what’s in store for us.

The makers every now and then are giving us a small piece of the cake and man, that’s enough to raise our expectations and build our curiosity.

The trailer of GOT season 7 episode 4 ‘The Spoils of War’ shows Daenerys telling Jon Snow, “All my allies are gone, I’m losing.”

Did You Spot This In The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Trailer© HBO

Well, well, that’s indeed a tough situation, let’s count all the people she lost: Tyrell: defeated, Euron: defeated……. Dothraki and the Unsullied: trapped at the Casterly Rocks and House of Martell: they might end soon too!

Cersei is shown doing what she is best at: plotting to take charge of what is her. “My only venture at this moment is reestablishing control over this continent and every person on it,” Cersei tells the Iron Bank’s Tycho Nestoris looking at the Westeros map.

Did You Spot This In The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Trailer© HBO

And who’s that hand taking out a knife? Is it Little Finger…..?

You also see Arya looking at Winterfell from far, Sansa looking determined, Brienne of Tarth fighting, Theon Greyjoy returning back to the shore and Podrick thrown on the ground and finally, we see a dragon.

Did You Spot This In The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Trailer© HBO

Well, everything is pretty interesting but it is the dragon that caught our attention. After all, every time they enter the frame we know something extreme is bound to happen.

Did You Spot This In The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Trailer© HBO

It’s not just their appearance that makes us excited but take a closer look and you will realise there is a huge surprise in store for every one of us, that will make you lose your mind.

Did You Spot This In The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Trailer© HBO

As per the fan theories go around, people have spotted a blonde glint behind the dragon. Yes, we are also thinking exactly what you are.

Though one can’t be sure…but it definitely looks like Daenerys riding the giant all set to win the much-awaited war. Well, Lannisters get ready to get roasted!

Jul 312017

Game of Thrones’ latest season is creating a huge buzz since the time its first episode was aired. And believe us or not, every episode of this show is giving us a new high.

As expected, the latest trailer of GOT season 7 episode 4 ‘The Spoils of War’ has got everyone’s nerves racing. After all, Daenerys Targaryen is in crisis. 

“All my allies are gone, I’m losing,” Daenerys tells Jon when they meet, after all, she has lost both Euron and Tyrells who were her biggest strengths in episode 2 and 3, respectively. That’s a huge loss indeed! What will she do now?

Looking at the clip, it looks like she has no option left but to negotiate her terms with Jon as he would never bend the knee and swear his loyalty to the Queen; after all, both aim to rule the Iron Throne.

“Enough with the clever plans”, declares Khaleesi. Giving us a clear idea that her dragons and her people are done playing nice, and it’s time for war. Cersei and Jamie, you have no idea what’s coming your way!

On the other hand, we see Cersei clearly stating what she intends to do. She plans to take back control and take charge yet again. She is seen striking a deal with Iron Bank and says, “My only venture at this moment is re-establishing control over this continent and every person on it.”

And finally we also see Arya returning home, that’s the moment tons of fans have been waiting for. The Starks are going to get reunited and we just can’t keep calm.

You also have glimpses of Brienne of Tarth fighting, Theon Greyjoy returning back to the shore, Sansa thinking something intensely (we wonder if this is the silence before the storm?), Podrick thrown on the ground and finally we see a dragon.

Well, according to most of the viewers, the third episode has been the best so far as Jon and Daenerys have finally met.

With so much said, here’s the trailer that you must definitely watch.

Jul 262017

Man, ever since the season 7 of ‘Game Of Thrones' has begun, the world seemed to have stopped doing everything else and just focus on the show. Post every episode, we are accompanied with a bunch of analysis, or ‘fan' theories, which barely come true because the show is so twisted that we are never able to pretend accurately. Earlier on Monday, the 2nd episode was out and everyone lost their cool, especially the twitterati – buzzing with enthusiasm over the episode “Stormborn”. Well, if episode 1 sailed smoothly without any hustle -bustle, the second one was a thunderstorm for the fans. Here are some of the reactions, observations for the second episode of Season 7 by the Twitterati:

Me to Sam and Jorah's scene: #GameofThrones7

— Czara D. Cascalla (@czara_d_casc) July 24, 2017

When Jon Snow left Sansa in charge after all those side eyes she shot Littlefinger #GameofThrones7

— victoria m. (@missvictoriaem) July 24, 2017

When you save Jon Snow from a slaughter in hopes of marrying Sansa, but he won't allow it and chokes you instead. #GameofThrones7

— S.K. Krishna (@WCGypsies) July 24, 2017

Best scene 💔
“Nymeria.. it's me. Come with me”@GameOfThrones #GameofThrones7

— LIYAH (@LiyahLyh) July 24, 2017

Me everytime Sansa opens her mouth #GameofThrones7

— Yannick David (@burnt_plantain) July 24, 2017

Still upset about #nymeria
Arya: It's me, Ayra

Nymeria: New phone who dis? #gameofthrones #thronesyall #gameofthrones7 #aryastark

— (@TvStoreOnline) July 24, 2017

But, what caught everyone's attention was when Euron Greyjoy invaded his niece and nephew's ship. Apparently, the fans on twitter were exasperated when Theon abandoned his sister Yara who was in a faceoff with Euron and was ultimately dominated and was held hostage by the man himself. Reek panicked and instead of stepping up as his sister's “protector” as Yara had expected, she was more or less disappointed, like all the other people on twitter. Oh, I'm not blaming the poor lad, he lost his fucking tool and was hurt way too much to hold his cool in such a situation. Can we spare him just this one time?

GOT fans when Theon jumped off the ship #ThronesYall

— Sheila Jaberi (@Sheilajaberi) July 24, 2017

When Theon reverts back to Reek after coming so far… #GameOfThrones

— Travis Zimpfer (@TravisZimpfer) July 24, 2017

Euron: Come save your sister.


— Tyler (@tylerisfire) July 24, 2017

My face when Theon just jumped off the boat without helping #GameOfThones7

— Majin (@MoePicasso) July 24, 2017

Yara Greyjoy: Theon! help me, please!

— Dua Chipa (@axelgxmxnxz) July 24, 2017

Theon Greyjoy confronting Euron #GameOfThrones

— Rochi Laserna (@Rochii04) July 24, 2017

Even though some of these reactions are absolutely hilarious and on point, we all are really thrilled to watch the next episode “The Queen's Justice”. 

“The war's already begun; I've drawn first blood,” Cersei says in the trailer, as Tyrion warns Dany that Cersei is ready and knows that they're coming. Qyburn, the mad scientist has come up with an invention which will kill the magical creatures and maybe that's what will get Cersei back in the game.