Apr 072018

salman_jailAfter spending two nights in Jodhpur Central Jail, Salman Khan has been granted bail in a 1998 blackbuck poaching case. Today’s judgement comes as relief for the actor who was sentenced to a 5-year jail term on Thursday.

Earlier today, Khan’s bail plea hearing was concluded in the Jodhpur District and Sessions Court in front of Judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi, who reserved the order till post-lunch.

Khan’s team will now have to finish the paperwork.

The actor will have to furnish Rs 50000 as bail bond. He is expected to be out by 7 pm.

Security was beefed up outside the Jodhpur Central Jail, where Salman fans started celebrating.

Celebrations also broke out outside Khan’s house in Mumbai.

The case was being heard by Judge Joshi who was transferred by the Rajasthan High Court on Friday as a part of routine judicial exercise that has seen 87 other judges being shuffled around.

Nov 232017

sinhaNever one to mince words, actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha feels it is “too late” for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to maintain silence on the blazing row over Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bollywood film “Padmavati”.

“On some level, I can understand the silence of my colleagues in the BJP. After all what can they say when the miscreants and fringe elements are given a free hand? Still I’d like to say it’s too late for our dynamic Prime Minister and the other high command to stay silent.

“‘Padmavati’ is a raging issue. And the fringe elements are openly issuing threats. How can the high command keep quiet when goons are threatening to behead Bhansali and Deepika Padukone? It’s time for our honourable Prime Minister to say ‘enough is enough’. If you give the goons a free reign, they will continue to cross limits in ways we wouldn’t be able to control,” Shatrughan said.

He is even less tolerant of the silence within the film industry.

“One of our country’s most precious filmmakers is being bullied and threatened. And all of them are looking the other way? What a shame! No one except Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar — who are always fearless in opposing injustice — has come out to condemn the violence.

“I can understand Bachchan saab’s (Amitabh Bachchan) silence. He has always been wary of getting into controversies. But what about the rest? Industry mein itna sannatta kyon (Why is there so much silence in the industry)?”

He feels Bhansali is partially to blame for the film industry’s silence.

“He has never come out to support anyone. Why should they stick their necks out now? Even after he was assaulted the first time (in Rajasthan), he did not file an FIR.”

Shatrughan feels it is okay to show “Padmavati” to those opposing its release.

“If you are honest in your intentions, why are you afraid to show the film to the doubters and protesters? Dikhado aur baat khatam karo (show it and end the issue).”

Aug 172017

20837686_143361889591527_2864335903273254912_nAs Priyanka Chopra returns to India for a break on Thursday, she has been bombarded with hate messages on the social media. And what did the Baywatch star did to displease the trolls? She shared a boomerang video of herself on August 15, India’s Independence Day, where she is wearing a tee and jeans and has a tricolour dupatta wrapped around her neck. Taking to Instagram, she had written, “Independence Day #Vibes ????????#MyHeartBelongsToIndia #happyindependencedayindia #jaihind.” The trolling started almost immediately.

Mind you, she is not wearing the National Flag. Her dupatta has the colours of the flag but no Ashoka Chakra. Now, those are the colours many of us sported on August 15 and proudly so. Then why all the vitriol against Priyanka? Here are some samples of responses on her video: “Hey show some respect to our country flag ..”, “Priyanka should apologise for this controversial post”, “she is disrespecting India to gain publicity” and “This is not your dupatta stupid, show some respect.”

Independence Day #Vibes ????????#MyHeartBelongsToIndia #happyindependencedayindia #jaihind

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Aug 14, 2017 at 6:17pm PDT

However, Priyanka is not wearing the National Flag but only its colours as the Ashoka Chakra is conspicuously missing. Priyanka’s fans were quick to point this out and soon her Instagram wall became a battle ground.

And then, there was another section of trolls who were angry because Priyanka was wearing a T-shirt and not a traditional Indian attire while being draped in the colours. This section wanted Priyanka not to return to India and find herself a sari or salwar-kameez on the “auspicious day”.

The Baywatch actor, however, is not new to this sort of attack. A few weeks earlier, she was attacked because she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin while wearing a dress. She was asked to “show some shame” and be properly dressed to meet an elder/PM of the country/her elder and the PM. A lot of people were outraged because she was showing her legs while meeting the PM.

Was such a lovely coincidence to be in #berlin???????? at the same time as the Prime Minister. Thank you @narendramodi Sir for taking the time from your packed schedule to meet me this morning. ????????

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on May 30, 2017 at 1:04am PDT

Priyanka posted a witty reply to the haters and posted a picture with her mother in dresses that revealed their legs. She wrote, “Legs for days… #itsthegenes with @madhuchopra nights out in #Berlin.”

After appearing in baywatch this year, Priyanka is now part of Hollywood projects Isn’t It Romantic? and A Kid Like Jake. She will also be seen in the third season of her hit ABC series, Quantico. The actor is also expected to announce her next Bollywood venture soon.

Dec 122012

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday called up the Rajya Sabha chairman Hamid Ansari to convey his distress and concern over BSP supremo Mayawati’s acerbic remarks against him  in Rajya Sabha.

Trying to extract her price in return for support on FDI, Mayawati had stepped up pressure for passage of the quota bill for SCs and STs when she sharply criticised Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari and attacked the government after which the House was adjourned.

She stunned the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) when she criticised Ansari, who is also the country’s Vice President over conduct of the House.

Upset over the fact that lack of order prevented passage of the Constitution (117th Amendment) Bill that provides for reservation for SCs/STs in government job promotions, she rushed to the House during the Question Hour and criticised the Chairman without notice.

A visibly stunned Chairman tried to pacify her telling her that the House can function smoothly only with the cooperation of all sections.

But she continued to make some remarks against the Chairman, which were expunged in the evening, hours later.

Government is in a bind with BSP pressing hard for the passage of the quota bill and the Samajwadi Party vehemently opposing it.

The BSP supremo’s outburst came on a day when both Houses were again unable to conduct any significant business due to disruptions.

In the evening, Ansari convened a meeting of the Rules Committee to discuss the issue of either reschdeduling the Question Hour or totally disband it in view of the frequent disruption of the Hour by parties agitating on some issue or the other.

Ansari’s remarks were made in the presence of Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath, Leader of the Opposition in RS Arun Jaitley and several other opposition leaders soon after the Upper House was adjourned for the day.

This prompted Kamal Nath to have separate consultations with Mayawati in the lobby of the House.

Soon after, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called up Ansari and conveyed his distress and concern over the developments in the Rajya Sabha.

Rajya Sabha could not function because of uproar over the quota Bill providing for reservation to SCs/STs in government job promotions while Lok Sabha was paralysed by BSP members by demanding details about coal block allocations which have been shrouded by allegations of irregularities.

Ansari told the BSP chief that it was the responsibility of everyone to ensure smooth functioning of the House.

“You are a senior leader…the House is run with the cooperation with everyone. The House is running right now. You please allow the House to run,” he told Mayawati.

As she did not relent and her party colleagues shouted slogans against the government like ‘dalit virodhi ye sarkar nahi chalegi’ (anti-dalit government is not acceptable).

Ansari then adjourned the House till noon. Similar scenes later forced one more adjournment and finally for the day.

Rules do not not permit a member to question the Chair on any issue, more so on his presence or absence.

Later, Mayawati told reporters outside Parliament that her critical remarks in Rajya Sabha was the “first step” of her tough stance that she is going to adopt as she accused government of not seeming to be serious about passage of the bill.

“I had said two days ago that BSP would adopt a ‘tough’ stand. It is the responsibility of the government and the Rajya Sabha Chairman to bring the House in order… Today’s (criticism) was our first tough stand in Rajya Sabha. We will take our next stand at an appropriate time,” she said.

Dec 122012

PM calls Hamid Ansari after Mayawati`s outburst New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reportedly called Hamid Ansari to convey distress over Mayawati’s attack on him in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.

BSP chief Mayawati on Wednesday shocked the Rajya Sabha by telling Chairman Hamid Ansari that he is “not seen” in the House in the afternoon after

“You are not seen here after 12 PM… What kind of House is this? You have to take decision that what has to be done for this (ensuring the functioning of the House),” the BSP chief said.

She was protesting against the frequent disruption over a bill for providing reservation in promotion to SC/STs in government jobs, an issue that has seen the party at loggerheads with the Samajwadi Party, its arch detractor in UP politics.

PM calls Hamid Ansari after Mayawati`s outburst

The protest by the BSP on the quota issue saw the House being adjourned twice before lunch.

Mayawati’s remarks left the House stunned. The Chairman told her that she was a senior leader and should allow the House to function. He said it was the responsibility of everyone to let the House function.

But, BSP members were unrelenting.

Mayawati’s outburst came at 11.30 am when textile minister Anand Sharma was replying to a query on the plight of weavers in Uttar Pradesh.

PM calls Hamid Ansari after Mayawati`s outburst

The BSP supremo, along with her party colleagues, came into House and started speaking even before taking her seat.

As the Chairman tried to pacify Mayawati and asked her to allow the Question Hour to proceed, the BSP chief went into the Well with her party members continuing with her verbal attack.

Mayawati’s remarks came on a day when the Chairman has called a meeting of the Rules Committee of the Rajya Sabha anguished over frequent disruptions of the Question Hour.

Mayawati said, “The Chairman leaves at 12 noon and thereafter the Deputy Chairman sits on the Chair and thereafter there is drama. This drama is repeated every day,” suggesting action like use of marshals against members disrupting the House or suspending them to ensure that the House functions normally.

“There is a limit to tolerate things,” she said while justifying the “tough” stand taken by her party in the Rajya Sabha earlier in the day.

Proceedings in Parliament touched a new low today with Mayawati stunning Rajya Sabha by her outbursts against the Chairman over its frequent disruptions.

She said the House turns disorderly after the Chairman leaves, adding since the House is not in order the SC/ST Bill is not being taken up.

Mayawati’s party colleagues started shouting ‘dalit virodhi ye sarkar nahi chalegi’ (anti-dalit government is not acceptable).

A visibly upset Ansari adjourned the House till noon.

When the House reassembled, BSP members again trooped into the Well shouting anti-government slogans.

On Monday, Mayawati had threatened to take a “tough stand” in case the government does not help bring order in the Rajya Sabha and get the bill passed.

Amid the uproar, BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu took strong objection to reports on Government’s plans to increase the cap on subsidised LPG.

As the din continued, Deputy Chairman P J Kurien adjourned the House for another 30 minutes till 12.30 PM. However, there was no improvement in the situation when the House met again and minutes after it was adjourned for the day.