Sep 182017

Not hot or cute, just this one quality in the man and Nidhhi Agerwal is impressed!Nidhhi Agerwal

Nidhhi Agerwal rose to fame with her debut film ‘Munna Michael’ co-starring Bollywood’s action-king Tiger Shroff and the versatile actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Talking exclusively to mid-day, the Bengaluru diva Nidhhi Agerwal shared a lot of things about her personal life and her experience after landing in Mumbai to enter the world of glamour.

When asked if anyone had to impress the young, bold and beautiful Nidhhi, what all did the man have to do?

Replying to which, she quipped, “The person should have a clean heart and pure soul. No matter what the person does but if he’s not a clean-hearted person, I won’t get impressed. This is the only thing that I want. I don’t need or want to do anything with anyone’s hotness, cuteness, sense of humour or intelligence.”

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Photos: Meet Bollywood's new hottie Nidhhi Agerwal

A few odd months ago, there were reports of Nidhhi Agerwal facing a lot of issues to buy an apartment in Mumbai.

Shedding some light on the variables that acted as obstacles for her to buy the flat, Nidhhi divulged, “Yes, I did face a lot of issues, because people kept questioning, ‘you’re a single girl, what do you do?’ I would tell them that my film’s shooting has commenced, which would make them think about me being a model-actress and how I would get guys home and party all night. But, finally I got a good house and now things are very different than earlier.”

Alsoread: Tiger Shroff’s co-star Nidhhi Agerwal ‘homeless’ in Mumbai!

“It’s quite strange, but this happens,” concluded the ‘Munna Michael’ actress.

Watch mid-day’s exclusive Facebook Live chat with Nidhhi Agerwal:

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Jul 212017

When Tiger Shroff is in a film, the directors forget the basics of filmmaking i.e. the script. Instead of working on the crux of the story, the directors decided to make a full-length feature film with lots of dance sequences and unreasonable fight scenes as the prime focus. And of course, one line of dialogue that Tiger uses throughout the film. 

Well, that’s exactly what is ‘Munna Michael’ is all about. You have tons of songs, action sequences and some blah blah and blah (yeah, that’s the term you use when you can’t make heads or tails of the film).

The story is very cliché and predictable, Munna (Tiger Shroff) is an orphan who is raised by Michael (Ronit Bose Roy) in Mumbai. Michael was a background dancer, however, was removed from his work due to his age. Munna grows up idolising pop king Michael Jackson. Dance is his life and he aims to become a dancer, though his father wants him to take up a corporate job. Soon, he moves to Delhi and meets Mahindar Fauji (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a real estate mafia who starts tutoring him. Their bond deepens but the film takes a strange turn when they both fall for the same girl, Dolly (Nidhhi Agerwal). 

‘Munna Michael Review: Tiger Shroff's Dancing Is Spot On But Nawazuddin Siddiqui Is The Film's Saving Grace© Twitter

Let’s cut to the chase and tell you all the reasons why you should give this film a miss. 

1. This is a vehicle for Tiger Shroff and is not very different from his previous films such as ‘Heropanti’ or ‘Baaghi’. The man dances flawlessly leaving you stunned and break bones as if it is his daily job. The only difference is that this time he uses a different one liner, “Munna jhagda nahi karta, munna sirf pithta hai.”

2. Plan to take revenge on someone? Just make them watch this film and your job is done. 

3. Then you have a dance competition, where Farah Khan as a judge is trying too hard to look impressed with the performances. Well, it looks like Nepotism is a serious issue after all. 

4. What’s truly insulting is casting an actor like Nawaz just to uphold the mediocrity of your film. What a waste of sheer talent. However, he proves that he can ace any role you give him.

‘Munna Michael Review: Tiger Shroff's Dancing Is Spot On But Nawazuddin Siddiqui Is The Film's Saving Grace

5. Well, you certainly can’t blame Tiger for starring in such pictures, it is the director’s fault that his thinking is very restricted. Tiger, how about you just work with another director, because it’s too much of you and Sabbir!

6. About Nidhhi, well, all we can say is sorry that this is your debut film.

7. Last but not the least, throughout the film I just kept wondering why on Earth would I start my Friday morning like this? Maybe I’m paying for some sin or the other *sigh*. 

‘Munna Michael Review: Tiger Shroff's Dancing Is Spot On But Nawazuddin Siddiqui Is The Film's Saving Grace© Twitter

P.S. Tiger and Nawaz, you both are brilliant actors but do you need to work in a mediocre film? We know you are talented; you don’t need to prove it to us.

Jul 212017

Nawazuddin SiddiquNawazuddin Siddiqu

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the ebony-complexioned superstar of Bollywood whom every producer wants to sign at any cost. He is barely out of one highly-lauded role in “Mom” when hes already looking at another crowd-pleasing role as a hoodlum dancer in “Munna Michael”.

Many consider Nawazuddin to be one of the finest, if not the finest actor of Hindi cinema today. Therefore when he speaks the world listens.

Last week after casting director Sanjay Chouhan spoke about how co-actors cast with Nawazuddin have to be dark-skinned, the actor raised the question of racism through a tweet that said: “Thank you for making me realise that I cannot be paired along with the fair and handsome because I’m dark and not good looking.”

A lot has been said and written about his words.Finally he clarified the whole issue in an interview which threatened to go into tricky tangents on societal prejudice.

Said the actor with a deep sigh: “I was reacting to what I read about this gentleman’s statement on the kind of actors I need to be cast with. I found the statement very strange. Did filmmakers actually consider the colour of my co-stars’ skin before casting them with me? Yeh ladki gori hai yeh nahin chalegi…yeh ladka saawla hai isskobanao Nawaz ka dost… Is that how actors are cast in our films? I thought actors were chosen for suitability and merit….Anyway, this gentleman says he was misquoted.”

Nawazuddin says he hates playing the victim card. “But the fact is, I have faced prejudices all my life because of my dark complexion, because of my humble background and because I come from a small village. Prejudice is embedded deep in our minds. All of us are prejudiced. It begins at home where the mother says, ‘Beta gori bahu le aao tab bachche kale nahin honge.’ As if my criteria for choosing a life partner must be the colour of her skin.”

Nawaz doesn’t want to point fingers at any particular section of society.

“I am not saying there is more prejudice in the film industry. It exists in every profession, every walk of life. In cinema. I don’t think I’ve been rejected for being dark-skinned. Nor has any heroine refused to work with me for the way I look. But yes, you can’t deny that leading men are supposed to look a particular way. Hero ka matlab hota hai gora-chitta(hero means fair-complexioned).

“There is a lot of curiosity to see the children from film families. And invariably the question of how fair-skinned he or she is, comes up. Someone like me with no connection in the industry has to prove myself. Because I’ve no background in cinema and I don’t look like a film actor. Yeh kya karega? That’s how I was initially welcomed.”

Nawaz feels we take no pride in our talent.

“We wait for our artistes to be endorsed in the West before celebrating their talent. When I was in New York I went to Broadway to watch the rehearsal for a play. I was introduced to an actor as the best actor in the world. To them in America everything they have is the best. We have far less confidence in our talent.”

The actor also doesn’t want to take away from the struggle of actors from film families.

“Look at Tiger Shroff. See how hard he works. I got a chance to watch him dance in ‘Munna Michael’. Believe me, he is miraculous. Though he is the son of a star like Jackie Shroff he never tried to use that as a calling card in the industry. In fact I think he worked towards being a fantastic dance as that was one area where his father was not skilled.”

Nawaz himself has tried some dancing in Munna Michael.

“I am very nervous. I want to know what people think about my dancing. Because I’ve always had a mental block about dancing. Dancing on screen was challenge for me as an actor. I hope I’ve pulled it off.”

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Jul 202017

3 out of 5 stars
Box Office: TBA

Munna_Michael_PosterMunna is a fan of dancing sensation Michael Jackson since his childhood to make money he dances on streets. He comes across Dev who gives him an opportunity to dance in a national dance competition on television.Where he is known as Munna Michael the competition goes well since start. But while its coming to an end with only 6 contenders left Munna discovers a secret about the competition.


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Jul 172017

Tiger Shroff has been in the news for his upcoming action thriller which is special to not just him, but also for every Stallone fan out there. I am talking about the Hindi remake of ‘Rambo’, for which Tiger is working very hard.

Grew up on this character, humbled and blessed to step into his shoes years later. #RamboRemake

— Tiger Shroff (@iTIGERSHROFF) May 20, 2017

The cult movie made Stallone the hero of millions and fans continue worshipping him for it. The ‘Rambo’ remake has already gained a lot of popularity and even Sylvester is looking forward to it.

I read recently they are remaking Rambo in India !! .. Great character.. hope they don’t wreck it .

A post shared by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on May 19, 2017 at 8:15am PDT

Now rumour has it that Stallone might just make an appearance in Tiger’s version and that would be a feast for every fan out there.

Sylvester stallone's cameo in tiger shroff's rambo© Twitter

In an interview, Tiger explained his love for doing this movie and why it’s special. “There is no prep work as such for the film as I am busy with the promotions of Munna Michael. And then I have Baaghi 2 and Student Of The Year 2 to do. Rambo is still far off. The prep work will be exhausting especially (as) there are lot of expectations and it’s cult action film featuring one of the legends of Hollywood. I don’t replace him I am just giving him a tribute”.  Stallone has earlier appeared in ‘Kambakkht Ishqq’ as well.

If only we get to see him again as Rambo, it would be a real feast.

Jul 122017

'Munna Michael' song 'Beparwah' out: Tiger Shroff pays a brilliant tribute to Michael Jackson‘Munna Michael’ song ‘Beparwah’ out: Tiger Shroff pays a brilliant tribute to Michael Jackson. Pic/YouTube

Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff pays a perfect dance tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson in the new song titled ‘Beparwah’ from upcoming film ‘Munna Michael’ co-starring Nidhhi Agerwal.

Watch ‘Beparwah’ song:

[embedded content]

Tiger Shroff says the song ‘Beparwah’ from his movie ‘Munna Michael’ was his most challenging.

The 27-year-old actor said, “This was very challenging for me. It’s my biggest song till date. After every shot and take, I felt like puking because I used to put so much of efforts in the shots. I couldn’t see anything in front of me… But I was just dancing like a mad man because of all the light.”

Tiger Shroff is hoping that the audience appreciates his hard work in the song.

“It was very challenging for me. So keeping that in mind, I am really hoping that people like and appreciate the hard work we have done,” he said.

Munna Michael‘, releasing on July 21, is directed by Sabbir Khan. The Eros International and Viki Rajani’s action-music entertainer also stars debutante Nidhhi Agerwaland Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

It is based on the story of Munna, a street boy from Teen Batti slum locality in Mumbai. He loves dancing and grows up idolising King of Pop Michael Jackson.

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Jul 042017

Nawazuddin SiddiquiNawazuddin Siddiqui

He can morph into any character he chooses to play on screen, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui says he consciously takes up roles that keep him from getting stereotyped. “I have played over 2,000 characters in theatre through seven years. I have a lot of ‘masala’ to show. I have confidence, which allows me to try different roles. The ones who get scared are those who have nothing left to show. I have a lot of characters stored in my bank,” the actor says.

Siddiqui is inspired by roles that showcase the different aspects of human nature. “I like doing grey roles since they have more depth and complexity. I can’t do these larger-than-life hero or villain-like characters, because they don’t interest me. I hate these two extremes, they don’t have any shades. I observe characters from real life and know that people have both good and bad characteristics in them. When you put both of them together, what you get is a complete human being.”

The actor will next be seen in Sridevi-starrer ‘Mom’, followed by ‘Munna Michael’ and ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’.

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Jun 302017

Tiger ShroffTiger Shroff

Actor Tiger Shroff says he is trying to become a real-life superhero, especially for children. The actor, who joined hands with a flagship corporate social responsibility programme with an aim to make a difference to the lives of underprivileged children in Mumbai, feels lucky to have a wide young fan base.

“I am not a real life superhero. I’m trying to be a real life superhero especially to the kids. I’m lucky enough to have a larger audience in the children,” Tiger told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

On the film front, Tiger Shroff has big projects like the Hindi remake of Hollywood action film ‘Rambo’, ‘Munna Michael‘ and ‘Baaghi 2‘ in his kitty.

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