Feb 022018

With ‘Padmaavat’ garnering tremendous acclaim from all quarters and being a roaring success at the box office, National award-winning makeup, hair and prosthetic designer Preetisheel Singh is ecstatic

Ranveer Singh
Preetisheel Singh working on Ranveer Singh’s ‘Padmaavat’ look

National award-winning makeup, hair and prosthetic designer Preetisheel Singh was so perturbed by all the controversies and protests surrounding Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmaavat’, she chose not to say anything about her work for it till its release. “It broke my heart witnessing all the turmoil the film was going through. So I had decided, I will only speak about it when the labour of love met success,” remarks Preetisheel who designed the looks for all the top artists including Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.

“I cannot even imagine how Bhansali Sir would have coped up with the storm. My admiration for him has increased manifold,” she adds.

Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh was lauded for his role as Alauddin Khilji in ‘Padmaavat’ and Preetisheel Singh’s styling certainly helped

Ranveer Singh
(Clockwise from left) Ranveer Singh’s transformation as Alauddin Khilji

The best in her business, Preetisheel knows her job inside-out, but admits that her work for ‘Padmaavat’ was extremely challenging. “When working with Bhansali Sir, one has to be ready to always put in that extra bit as he has such a keen eye for aesthetics and detail. I read the script and understood the characters — how they dealt with people. I visualised the environment they would have grown up in, their likes and dislikes, their personality etcetera,” she explains.

“There’s a lot of study that went into getting under the skin of every character. Post this, I went through my look-references and finally came up with something that would equally excite the director and the actors. I was thrilled when Bhansali Sir finalised the looks.”

Ranveer Singh

With the movie garnering tremendous acclaim from all quarters and being a roaring success at the box office, Preetisheel is “super happy and relieved that everyone’s efforts have finally borne fruit.”

Shahid Kapoor
Preetisheel Singh styling Shahid Kapoor for ‘Padmaavat’

Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor essayed Maharawal Ratan Singh in ‘Padmaavat’

It can be noted here that she has also received accolades earlier for her work with actors in more than a dozen films including ‘Bajirao Mastani’, ‘Rangoon’, ‘Brothers’, ‘Mom’, ‘Haider’, ‘Parched’, ‘Hawaizaada’, ‘Shivaay’, ‘Talwar’, ‘Housefull 3’, ‘Ghayal Once Again’, ‘Finding Fanny’, the Tamil film ’24’ as well as the pre-Mughal historical epic ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’ for which she won the ‘National Film Award for Best Makeup’.

Coming up next are movies like the Amitabh Bachchan-Rishi Kapoor starrer ‘102 Not Out’, Vikramaditya Motwane’s ‘Bhavesh Joshi’, Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol’s debut film ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ and the Nawazuddin Siddiqui-starrer ‘Thackeray’ to name a few.

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Jan 312018

Sanjay Leela Bhansali celebrates the success of his most controversial film yet, inspired to make more films ‘abhi ke abhi’

Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Sanjay Leela Bhansali

What are you feeling at this moment?
I feel like making more films. People have given Padmaavat so much love that I feel, aur film banaya jaaye abhi ke abhi [more films should be made immediately]. But, I’ve told my staff to take a month-long break before we resume. There are mixed feelings because we have endured so much. We weren’t sure whether the film would release. Then, when we got a clearance, there was a ban in select states. Even today, I pray that the film releases in those states. At the same time, I feel accomplished. The film had a difficult subject but it turned out the way I wanted it to. It has been executed to the best of my ability, almost near perfection. I don’t think many would have been able to pull it off. It [enduring opposition] was humiliating and angering. There was injustice. But, I had a rare piece of work that I was trying to protect. It’s been an experience of a lifetime.

Has the film turned out precisely how you wanted it to?
This is what I wanted to make. Obviously, any filmmaker would change a few things to make the final cut better, but, for me, this is the film that I had set out to make. There were no changes that I [was compelled to] incorporate, barring the alteration of the name to Padmaavat. And I agreed to do so because the film is based on Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s book by the same name. Rumours of us being forced to make X number of cuts weren’t true. Prasoon Joshi [CBFC chief] gave us a fair certificate when you consider the pressure that was on him. And now, when one sees the film, s/he questions what the hullabaloo was all about? I released a video promising people that there was nothing wrong in the film. I am proud that I made the film that I wanted under such circumstances. I loved my work so much that I had to fight without getting tired. The media provided support, as did people from the fraternity.

Do you think the industry could have been a more vocal in their resistance against the fringe groups. On instances, celebrities simply responded to your circumstances stating that it was your film, not theirs.
This is my film, it is my battle. A few of them, like Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi, Samir Soni, Sudhir Mishra and Ashoke Pandit, supported me earnestly and told me to stay strong. But, there was no obvious solution to my fight. So, everyone was helpless. They wondered where it is that Sanjay Leela Bhansali should go [for help]. No one understood the reason behind this uproar. So, I wasn’t sure if things would have been different if I had received more support. But I am happy with the manner in which the industry backed me.

After this incident, do you feel artistes are being stripped of the freedom of expression?
We enjoy freedom of expression, but it comes with responsibility. I am a responsible filmmaker. When I say there is nothing amiss in the film, people should believe me. Why am I answerable to some fringe group that says we are the torch bearers of history? There is a government, and a Censor Board. I am answerable to them. Also, when the states decide against releasing the film [after the Supreme Court’s approval], only because people are angry, that is a failure of democracy. The states should act against them [fringe groups] and show them their place. They should be told that they don’t have a right [to cause a stir]. If they want to protest, they must do so in a civil manner. Yes, there is a sense of intolerance that is rising by the day. I hope artistes fight fearlessly. Such uproars cause distractions, drain our energy and lead to demoralisation. A musician can’t be told to not sing a particular raag because it doesn’t suit temperaments. A painter can’t be stopped from painting something, lest someone protests by throwing acid on his face, or beheads him, or even cuts his nose. These were the threats that we received. This doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. It’s very scary. I have overcome it, but the anger hasn’t subsided. We have the right to say whatever we want to say. If it doesn’t suit you, don’t listen to me, or watch my film. People are protesting against elements that haven’t even been showcased in the film. The greatest support came in the form of the audiences’ decision to go to cinema halls and watch it. It was a message to those who protested, a sign that viewers aren’t scared. If people’s voices get louder, in the future, we won’t succumb to them.

The depiction of Jauhar has received flak from a few, with Swara Bhaskar even recently penning an open letter criticising it…
Jauhar, in this context, is an act of war. Our men have died on the battlefield, but the war doesn’t end there. They believe that the Rajputs have been vanquished. But, the women wage the [final] war. They decide that not a single woman or child would be subjugated to rape, or violation. That’s what happened then. So, are people questioning Padmavati’s decision?

I would assume they are questioning the decision to tell this story in this day-and-age, and the repercussions it may have…
This film is based on a story in which the character performs jauhar. The character doing so was convinced that it was an act of war. I feel it’s an empowering thought. She didn’t allow the enemy to win. It was a victory of dignity and honour. This is what transpired, and I can’t question her. In those days, when there was no solution, harakiri [method of suicide] was prevalent. I can’t question it. It is like asking why the Taj Mahal was made when the money spent in doing so could have been used for charity. Some will stand for it, some against it. And that is okay, because any work of art should be debated. But don’t oppose my authority to make what I want to, or to narrate it in a particular way. No one is compelled to agree with everything that I have said. As long as we agree disagree, and the work is thought provoking, it’s wonderful.

Have you fictonalised the poem Padmavat? According to the literature, it was Kumbhalne ruler Raja Devpal who kills Raja Rawal Ratan Singh [Shahid Kapoor]. But in the film, Ratan Singh becomes a victim of Malik Kafur [Jim Sarbh]…
That is why it’s an adaptation. When catering to a different medium, a story must be open to interpretation. One has to dramatically tweak narratives when keeping the audience in mind. You will sketch an image of Goddess Lakshmi a manner that is at odds with how I will. This poem was also interpreted differently over the years. A film called Padmini (1964) showed the queen in a different manner. In fact, it includes a scene which features rani Padmini walking towards Khilji’s tent and having a conversation with him. So, it is based on the poem. It’s not the poem itself. In my case, the basic story was adhered to. Padmavat is the only document available about the incident. History books are have chronicled it in a brief manner.

People argue that Alauddin Khilji wasn’t the barbaric ruler that he has been shown to be…
People say Ranveer’s [Singh] Alauddin has been shown as a dark character. For me, he is the most colourful of them all. He had a sharp mind and an obstinate heart. He was a great emperor, and the empire thrived under him. I haven’t enjoyed [showcasing] a character as much as I did this one. Art must be effortless and spontaneous. I would go on set and improvise. The scene where he throws ittar on a girl and then embraces her happened in the moment. I was enjoying myself. Ranveer is eccentric, and we brought his vivacious energy to Khilji.

Were you apprehensive about showcasing a mainstream hero as one that is bisexual?
It was documented. I asked Ranveer if he was comfortable with it and he agreed to do the role. We did not showcase it in a jarring manner. It was done with subtlety. Jim and he handled their act with delicateness and dignity. A lot was left for the viewer to gauge.

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Jan 262018

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, who has registered his biggest opening day collection with “Padmaavat”, says most people had told him that a hero shouldn’t play the anti-hero

Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, who has registered his biggest opening day collection with “Padmaavat”, says most people had told him that a hero shouldn’t play the anti-hero. “Padmaavat”, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, registered opening day collections of Rs 19 crore net, according to producers Bhansali Productions and Viacom18 Motion Pictures.

For Ranveer, whose previous best opening day records were for “Gunday” (Rs 16.12 crore net) and “Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela (Rs 16 crore net), playing a merciless anti-hero Alauddin Khilji was a gamble. Ranveer said in a statement to IANS: “It is extremely rare and overwhelming to get this kind of love from the audience. I’m grateful and touched that everyone has been so appreciative of my performance.”

While the critics have lauded that Ranveer has given one of the best villains to Bollywood through his performance, the actor said: “I will be honest — when I was offered Padmaavat, most people were of the opinion that a hero should not play the anti-hero. “But I believed otherwise. I saw Khilji as a challenge for me, as an actor. And I wanted to take the challenge up. I went with the vision of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and my instinct of what I could achieve with Khilji. “I’m happy that the audiences are seeing and loving a character that both Sanjay sir and I have worked on tirelessly for over two years to bring to life.”

Thrilled about the response, he said: “I took a big risk with this character and it’s wonderful to see my gamble pay off. This kind of validation gives one the confidence to take bigger and bigger risks, challenge stereotypes and continue to push the envelope in the realm of mainstream Hindi cinema. “I feel very happy and very fulfilled today.” The movie, based on 16th century poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s “Padmavat”, also stars Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor. It released on January 25 amid much brouhaha as the Shri Rajput Karni Sena protested over the alleged distortion of facts in the movie.

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Jan 222018

Actor Ranveer Singh, ahead of the release of ‘Padmaavat’, shared a collage depicting various avatars of his character Alauddin Khilji, whom he described as a monster

Ranveer Singh
A screenshot of the
collage that Ranveer Singh shared on Instagram depicting his ‘Padmaavat‘ character Alauddin Khilji

Actor Ranveer Singh, ahead of the release of “Padmaavat”, shared a collage depicting various avatars of his character Alauddin Khilji, whom he described as a monster. Ranveer tweeted the collage on Monday morning. It features various stills of the actor in Khilji’s role. “Monster. Khilji. ‘Padmaavat’,” Ranveer captioned the image.

“Padmaavat”, after a history of troubles, is finally releasing on January 25. The film, featuring Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmavati and Shahid Kapoor as Maharawal Ratan Singh, is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The makers have said it’s a film Indians will be proud of.

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Nov 132017

There is a hue and cry about the depiction of Alauddin Khilji and Rani Padmavati in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film Padmavati. The filmmaker is said to have drawn inspiration from Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s 16th century epic poem, Padmavat.

Om Puri
Om Puri

So did Shyam Benegal’s television show Bharat-Ek Khoj (1988), which had the late Om Puri play Khilji, while Rajendra Gupta and Seema Kelkar essayed the characters of Raja Ratan Singh and Padmavati respectively. Benegal depicted Khilji as brutal, but also an able administrator. He was shown keen to attack Chittor not for Padmini, but for its riches. History, as they say, is open to interpretations.

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Nov 072017

Yesterday, Ranveer Singh was papped outside a salon in Khar. The actor has shed his Alauddin Khilji look for ‘Padmavati’. Sporting a new hair cut and sans the thick facial fuzz, he made a fashion statement in his shiny cheetah print shorts. He did not forget to carry his man-bag either. Quirky, but lovable.

Ranveer Singh. Pic/Sayyed Sameer Abedi
Ranveer Singh. Pic/Sayyed Sameer Abedi

Ranveer Singh, who was sporting long hair for over a year, has gone for a makeover and now sports a shorter hairdo. Ranveer, 32, on Monday night on Twitter shared before and after photographs of himself. He was sporting the earlier look for his upcoming film “Padmavati”. 

“Old me,” the “Bajirao Mastani” star captioned one of his image. He later shared an image of him getting a haircut in a salon. “In process,” he wrote alongside the image. Moments later, he came up with a video of himself with short hair on Twitter, captioning: “New me! Voila!” 

Old me

A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) onNov 6, 2017 at 7:12am PST

In process

A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) onNov 6, 2017 at 7:12am PST

“Padmavati”, a film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, tells the tale about the valour of Rajputs. Ranveer plays Alauddin Khilji, a powerful ruler of the Khilji dynasty. Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor are also a part of the movie, releasing December 1.

(With inputs from IANS)

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Oct 122017

The stunning trailer of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s most awaited film ‘Padmavati’ was finally introduced to the world and as expected, it garnered praises from everyone. While some loved Ranveer Singh as the eccentric and dangerous Alauddin Khilji, some felt that the trailer brings back all the memory of ‘Bajirao Mastani.

But Twitter, being its one true self, is having a ball as they somehow managed to churn out hilarious memes from the epic trailer. While some just can’t stop comparing Ranveer to Khal Drogo, there are some judging Sallys who still can’t get over Shahid’s decision to do ‘Shaandaar’. And that’s not the end of it, as Deepika’s uni-brow and her oh-so-high bindi have also managed to become topics of humour.

Honestly, we are slightly impressed as to how could someone find the lighter side to such a heavy and serious trailer! Here are some of the memes by netizens that will take away your Thursday blues and leave you in splits.

An observation indeed!

Everyone’s hair situation is out of control in Padmavati.

— k (@krazyfrog) October 9, 2017

Bollywood’s answer to Game of Thrones’s Khal Drogo!

Ranveer Singh is such a versatile actor. #Padmavati pic.twitter.com/2eZG5Rh6CF

— Cracker Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) October 9, 2017

Khal drogo, after watching Ranveer singh in Padmavati : pic.twitter.com/PZ7w3JdhDO

— V (@itsveer_) October 9, 2017

We wonder what Big B has to say about this.

Amitabh Bachchan before tweeting anything pic.twitter.com/xF5pabzQ56

— Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) October 9, 2017

Because engineer jokes are a must!

When a mechanical engineer gets a girlfriend pic.twitter.com/zPvhaJNIsz

— Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) October 9, 2017

Be it memes or movies, people totally love Deepika.

When your Bindi runs away to become Sindoor pic.twitter.com/vXtRG03Bcn

— Sense of tumor (@dashhtweets) October 9, 2017

And your Brows fly away 😭😭 pic.twitter.com/pGrgVVy8gk

— Sense of tumor (@dashhtweets) October 9, 2017

Don’t think she even can speak without biting metal… pic.twitter.com/gISfTsb6k6

— The-Lying-Lama (@KyaUkhaadLega) October 10, 2017

‘Shaandar’ Shahid (Ouch!)

Deepika sewing Shahid’s brain back after he said ‘Lets do Shaandaar 2’ pic.twitter.com/X4g5uvxjm1

— Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) October 9, 2017

Ranveer is Twitter’s favourite muse.

Someone: How self obsessed are you?
Me: pic.twitter.com/2HPvaNqyDv

— Sand-d Singh (@Sand_In_Deed) October 9, 2017

When you finally break your fast after Navratri. #PadmavatiTrailer pic.twitter.com/2z076gZU4n

— MemeYatra (@MemeYatra) October 9, 2017

Bhagwa muh lag gaya 🎼 pic.twitter.com/8fWxGC2HwA

— Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) October 9, 2017

Ajay Devgan : Bolo zubaan kesari
Ranveer Singh: Ok pic.twitter.com/v6rXmZCudX

— PooraPahaadi (@SandeshRayal) October 9, 2017

Eating alone expectations vs reality. pic.twitter.com/KuEOWFN4yN

— A??Ñ‚??🎀 (@Sassy_Soul_) October 10, 2017

Meanwhile, fans and celebs just can’t stop raving about SLB’s magnum opus. Based on the story of Rani Padmini of Chittor, this film looks very promising and is expected to hit the theatres on December 1.

Oct 102017

padmavatiSanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati created a huge hurricane on social media yesterday when the trailer of the magnum opus was launched. The film which stars Deepika Padukone essaying the titular role of Rani Padmavati aka Padmini is making the audience go gaga over the trailer so much that in not even 24 hours of the trailer release, it has managed to garner more than 10 million views. Apart from Deepika Padukone’s valour and beauty, Shahid Kapoor who essays the role of Maharawal Ratan Singh and Ranveer Singh who plays Alauddin Khilji have also grabbed a lot of eyeballs.

Many of us may have seen the trailer on repeat mode but we are sure that you might have missed these minute details which will enhance your experience the next time you watch it. Check it out.

1. Padmavati’s welcome to the fort of Chittor
The opening sequence of the trailer showcases the grand entry of Rani Padmini in the Chittor fort. This scene will feature in the film after Maharawal Ratan Singh (Shahid Kapoor) marries Padmavati (Deepika Padukone) and gets her to Chittor now known as Chittorgarh.

2. Alauddin’s meeting with Padmavati
We all know by now that Alauddin Khilji never met Rani Padmavati and he just saw her reflection in the mirror. As per history, this scene looks like Ranveer Singh is on his way to meet the Queen of Mewar. The lotus in his hand is just an apt use of symbolism. The same scene also features our very own Jim Sarbh. The guy throwing the petals, yes he is Jim!

3. Letter of capture
As per history Alauddin Khilji takes Maharawal Ratan Singh as his capture and sends a letter to Padmavati informing her about the same. Looking at this scene in the trailer we can be assured that Rani Padmini wasn’t quite happy with the news.

4. How Padmavati’s beauty reached Alauddin
As per history, Maharawal Ratan Singh’s court had a subject Raghav Chetan who was abolished from Singh’s courtroom after he was caught performing an illegal sorcery. Feeling insulted, Raghav landed in Alauddin’s courtroom and spoke to him highly about Padmavati’s beauty. Looks very much like this scene.

5. When Maharawal Ratan Singh meets Alauddin Khilji
Just before taking Maharawal Ratan Singh as captive Alauddin Khilji meets him and Sanjay Leela Bhansali included a glimpse of this scene in the trailer.

Now that you know these 5 things we are sure you’ll love watching the trailer again.

Is there anything we’ve missed? Let us know in the comment section below.

Oct 012017

It goes without saying that Ranveer Singh is one of the most energetic actors in B-town. Within a very short span of time, he has become one of the most popular actors in the country all because of his sheer talent.

And when Ranveer decided to step into the shoes of any character, you just know he will put his heart and soul to make that character look larger than life on the silver screen. There are very few actors who can do something like that. Ranveer went out of his way to play an anti-hero character like Alauddin Khilji, who was known in history for his brutality and evil deeds.

Stand tall #mondaymotivation

A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jun 19, 2017 at 5:31am PDT

Being said that, the man has literally left no stone unturned to play this character as convincingly as possible. From understanding the dark state of mind to getting the hang of powerplay, he is all into this nefarious invader.

And now the film is almost on the verge of wrapping up, Ranveer Singh is going through a very hard time. The hangover of playing Khilji is so intense that he just can’t get over it. As per reports, the actor is consulting a psychiatrist to come out of his evil mode.

Destructor. Disruptor. Youth corrupter. 😈 #DontHoldBack out tomorrow ⚠�

A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on May 18, 2017 at 8:29am PDT

“Getting out of this dark, intimidating mindset wasn’t easy for him. The film has also been shot for almost a year now, so sustaining the Khilji persona was very challenging. It affected his reactions and behaviour towards people. Which is why his friends advised him to get help in emerging beyond Khilji. He is going to a psychiatrist to get rid of the Khilji influences,” Deccan Chronicle quoted a source.

Well, the source further explained that since he has been shooting for almost a year, it has taken a toll on him. The effect is so harsh and acute that it has got everyone around him worried.

Loving it in Lucerne ! 🇨🇭 #mylucerne @ilove_lucerne @myswitzerlandlive #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND

A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Mar 2, 2017 at 8:59am PST

Now, this piece of news has totally raised our expectation to another level. We can vouch for the fact that we will get to see a side of him on screen that we have never seen before.

This period drama is based on Khilji’s fascination about Rani Padmavati’s beauty and how he wanted to capture her. There were also reports that we might get to see Ranveer romancing his slave-general Malik Kafur (Jim Sarbh), which has grabbed many eyeballs.

#Padmavati @filmpadmavati

A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Sep 20, 2017 at 6:10pm PDT

Deepika Padukone will be seen playing the titular role while Shahid Kapoor will be seen donning the character of Rawal Ratan Singh (Padmini’s husband). The film is set to release on December 1, 2017. 

Sep 232017

Karni Sena burn 'Padmavati' posters, threaten to stop film releaseKarni Sena burn ‘Padmavati’ posters, threaten to stop film release. Pic/PTI

The Shri Rajput Karni Sena, an organisation of the Rajput community, on Saturday burnt posters here of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s much-awaited ‘Padmavati’ which is slated for a December 1 release.

A group of protesters gathered in front of Rajmandir Cinema Hall and shouted slogans against Bhansali and burnt posters of the film.

“While shooting in Jaipur Bhansali had promised to show the film to us and historians before releasing it. But since then no one has contacted us, nor has the film been shown to us,” Narain Singh Divrala, district president Jaipur of the Shri Rajpur Karni Sena, told IANS.

“We want him to show the film to the core committee of Shri Rajput Karni Sena and various organizations, including historians, before releasing it,” Divrala said.

“Till then we will not allow the film to be released,” he added.

“If the Karni Sena core committee and historians don’t have any problems only then will we allow screening of the movie,” he added.

“We have come to know through media reports that facts and history have been distorted in the film, and it is unacceptable,” Divrala said.

In January, activists of the Shree Rajput Karni Sena had protested, manhandled and misbehaved with the crew of Bhansali’s “Padmavati” claiming that he was distorting historical facts in the movie.

They had also damaged some cameras and other equipments. Bhansali had to stop shooting.

The Karni Sena claimed that they have got a big library and that in no book is it written that Alauddin Khilji, a powerful ruler of the Khilji dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate in 13th-14th century, fell in love with Padmavati or that he was her lover.

“They are trying to defame Padmavati by distorting historical facts. It is not acceptable,” an activist of Karni Sena said.

In March some miscreants broke the mirrors in Padmini Mahal (palace) in Chittorgarh Fort where Ala-ud-din Khilji is believed to have seen Rani Padmavati or Padmini.

Shri Rajput Karni Sena claims that the mirror was invented years after Padmavati lived and therefore it is a completely untrue story.

The first look of Bhansali’s much-awaited film, featuring Deepika Padukone, was released earlier this week. The actor plays Rani Padmini or Padmavati of Chittor, alongside Ranveer Singh who plays Alauddin Khilji.

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