Jan 182018

Shah Rukh Khan, also lovingly known as the King of Romance, has had a career that some can only dream of. However, the Badshah of Bollywood wasn’t exactly satisfied with all the good-guy, romantic roles that he usually performed. So, he decided to take up bold and diversified roles in movies which didn’t really go down that well with his audience.

One such movie was the 2017 release ‘Raees’.

The Most Pirated Film Of 2017 'Raees' Might Be Getting A Sequel© Excel Entertainment

The film starred Pakistani actress Mahira Khan which was a major reason as to why it garnered widespread attention.

The Most Pirated Film Of 2017 'Raees' Might Be Getting A Sequel© Excel Entertainment

And despite getting good reviews by the critics, the film was only regarded as a semi-hit.

However, it has now emerged as the most pirated film of 2017. Germany-based company TECXIPIO GmbH compiled the list which is based on the number of file sharers who downloaded and shared the respective movies in P2P (peer to peer) networks.

This news reached director Rahul Dholakia who took to his Twitter to ask the producer Ritesh Sidhwani about his thoughts on the same.

#Raees most Pirated film of 2017. Now how does one react to this ? @ritesh_sid

— rahul dholakia (@rahuldholakia) January 17, 2018

Ritesh reacted to this news positively and with his reply, he got our hopes way up as he hinted towards a sequel.

Look at the brighter side the audience we have for the sequel #RaeesReturns

— Ritesh Sidhwani (@ritesh_sid) January 17, 2018

Now we know it’s a little unclear and of course, this cannot be taken as an official confirmation. But being SRK fans, we obviously can’t miss out any news concerning the superstar and would always want more of him on screen.

Now let’s just wait and see if this indeed turns out to be true. *fingers crossed*

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