Dec 132012

The international Baadshah of Indian cinema the undisputed King of Indian cinema’s overseas market proved once again why he is the darling of the world.. SRK and euphoria are synonymous with each other SRK star power was seen recently at Jemaa el-Fna Square, which is at the medina quarter at Marrakesh, Morocco.

An unprecedented crowd gathered at the square as soon as they got to know that SRK would be walking down the red carpet there for the film festival. More than 50,000 locals gathered there, under heavy security and extreme cold weather, just to get a glimpse of SRK, till the wee hours. SRK got overwhelmed by the sight and left his security at the red carpet just to jump up on the podium and wave at all the people present there.

“I went to Marrakesh Film Festival because of the people there and their constant love I have got in all these years. I went there to tell them that I love them too and I am blessed to receive their love. The sight of that crowd at Jemaa el-Fna was very overwhelming. They waited to cheer me on, how could I not spend a little time with them. That’s the least I could have done,” said SRK. “Shahrukh has been known to give back the love he gets from his fans, in his own way.

When he saw the numbers in which people were gathered there at Jemaa el-Fna in the cold weather he was besieged. The security guys just didn’t realise when he left them and stood on the podium to send flying kisses to all of them. He gets humbled by the love people shower him with,” says a source close to SRK.

The crowd sang You Are My Chammak Challo in chorus and SRK obliged them with the trademark steps of the song. The rest of the stars present for the Marrakesh Film Festival cheered for him and the crowd. Well that’s King Khan for you always ready for his fans.. and we love you too SRK.

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