Jun 102018

Shah Rukh Khan’s fans love their King Khan more than anything else in the world; there are no doubts about that. But, his trolls love him more than his fans, because they get most of the fodders for memes and jokes from SRK alone. Be it any controversy or a major event, even if it has got nothing to do with SRK directly, will become a topic of discussion and an opportunity to troll him.

Shah Rukh Khan Gets Trolled For Cousin Noor Jehan Contesting Pakistan ElectionsInstagram

This time around, trolls decided to attack him on social media, for a reason that reminds us of the experience of growing up with siblings. Imagine you and your cousin is playing in the backyard, your cousin breaks something, but your mother comes and scolds you instead. This happened with most of us. Similarly, Shah Rukh Khan was trolled on social media because his cousin is contesting elections in Pakistan.

Shah Rukh Khan Gets Trolled For Cousin Noor Jehan Contesting Pakistan ElectionsInstagram

Reportedly, Noor Jehan is Shah Rukh Khan’s paternal cousin, who will be contesting the upcoming general elections from PK-77 constituency in Peshawar. When people got to know about her relation with SRK, they decided to attack him and question his loyalty towards India. In fact, they dug out facts like him choosing Pakistani players for Kolkata Knight Riders and working with actress Mahira Khan in ‘Raees’, to back their statements.  

@iamsrk I heard that ur sister is contesting for elections in Pakistan? Is this true ?? You earn money here in India and ur sister wants to contest for power in enemy state Pakistan ? Why ? What’s the agenda ? #AskSRK

— CSS Krishna Kasturi (@kasturikr) 8 June 2018

अच�छा तभी ,यह पाकिस�तान -पाकिस�तान करता रहता हैं 😸😸

— Jack Watson (@perryellsss) 8 June 2018

Oh that is why this man loves Pakistan so much.

— Mayank Mani (@BeingMmani) 8 June 2018

Congrats @iamsrk  but ek kaam krna Pakistan chle jao & wapas kbhi mt aana India#SRKPakistani https://t.co/BOK8QfL19n

— J A G R I T I (@Being_Jagriti_) 8 June 2018

Family before nation..no wonder the charity shows are done for every natural disaster in Pakistan,never India by SRK https://t.co/uT839wNUd4

— Pretti (@prettispecial1) 8 June 2018

will Sharukh too go to Pakistan to contest elections?

— MOHANKUMAR K (@kumarkm53) 8 June 2018

“I hope people support me in the same way they support Shah Rukh Khan,” says Noor Jehan

Guess What?

She is SRK’s Cousin !

Any doubts on his quick Help to Pakistan during Floods ?

— Dark Matter (@DARKMATTER1008) 8 June 2018

But, like I said his fans love him so much, they couldn’t stand watching him being trolled on social media. They too came out in support of SRK and shut the trolls.

What’s wrong having relatives on the other side of the border?&what this has to do with SRK?NoorJahan is proud Pakistani first uska haq ha election mein participate Karne ka Lekin nhi SRK ko anti nationalist bolna ha Pak ko degrade karna hai&hatred spread Karna ha #PatheticPeople https://t.co/XvhlbHzDHf

— Farwa 🌸 (@farwazaidi458) 7 June 2018

Why there’s so much fuss about SRK’s cousin contesting elections in Pak? Like why? Before partition, we all were together, so maybe her family decided to stay that side of the border n SRK’s family came this side. Isme itna kya hungama

— SHREYA✨ (@ShreyaJha_29) 8 June 2018

Listen Shah Rukh Khan has nothing to do with all this… You have no right to drag his name in all this. Many Indians have their relatives in Pakistan and many of them might be in politics also so there’s nothing wrong…

— Mohini (@93mohini) 8 June 2018

Half of delhiites….including me n all my friends….have our great grand  fathers n families come from pakistan to settle here….we still have connections der….wats the big deal….

— Lovey Singh (@jasdeepjdp) 7 June 2018

Noor Jehan was quoted by The Express Tribune saying, “I want to work for women’s empowerment. I’d like to focus on the problems in my constituency.” Noor Jehan’s election campaign is being led by her brother Mansoor.

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