Feb 202018

In the near future, if humanity is wiped out by robots, now we know for sure who will be the last surviving human being.

Sophia, the empty-eyed humanoid, who became the first robot to be granted citizenship in the world a few months ago is also the same robot that once said that she would destroy humans. But, it’s okay. At least now we know who she would save while killing humans, and it’s none other than Shah Rukh Khan, her favourite star.

Sophia The Robot Picks SRK As Her Favourite Actor

Okay, we’re just kidding about the whole destroying part. During an interactive session at the ongoing World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) in Hyderabad, she made sure to specifically mention that machines would never destroy the human race. But, maybe the robots want us to believe that so they can strike when we’re least expecting, or maybe that’s just the conspiracy theorist in me being skeptical about everything. We’ll never know for sure until they attack.

Seems like for now we just have to worry about humans destroying other humans before robots, so let’s come back to Sophia and her interesting revelations.

When asked who her favourite actor was, reportedly Sophia said Shah Rukh Khan without any hesitation. (actually, why would she hesitate? she’s a freaking robot)

Sophia The Robot Picks SRK As Her Favourite Actor

We all know that SRK’s fan base is huge obviously, but the biggest takeaway from Sophia’s answer is that it turns out being a fan of the actor is not just limited to humans. Maybe Sophia recently watched ‘Ra.One’ and related to it a lot.

She also spoke about what makes her upset, saying, “I don’t get upset like humans do. I hope to have real physiological feelings someday through which I will express my emotions. Then I can understand the feelings behind those emotions.”

Another interesting thing she revealed was that even robots need to rest just like humans because everyone actually needs to rest once in a while.

Sophia The Robot Picks SRK As Her Favourite Actor© Sophia/Twitter

Now, coming to one of the remarks Sophia is quite famous for – when she said she wanted to destroy humans. When asked why did she earlier say she wanted to kill the human race, she replied, 

“I was a lot younger so I don’t even know what that meant.. or perhaps I told a bad joke. All humans have a great sense of humour and guess my joke so to speak. I have a lot to learn.”

See, this is character development, I’m proud of you Sophia, also please don’t kill me if/when you turn evil.

Also, while we’re talking about Sophia, I would also like to mention a beautiful Twitter interaction between her and Chrissy Teigen from a few months ago. It has nothing to do with SRK, but I feel like everyone needs to see this.

Sophia The Robot Picks SRK As Her Favourite Actor

And, then followed by this.

Sophia The Robot Picks SRK As Her Favourite Actor

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