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Smriti Kalra on getting intimate with two decades-older Sanjay Kapoor for Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara

Smriti Kalra’s latest offering has piqued the attention of both, viewers and her family members. At 30, on and off screen as well, Kalra is seen romancing her love interest, a man who is two decades older than her. That this lover is none other than television debutante Sanjay Kapoor makes this development even more interesting. But, for Kalra, “age is never a concern for lovers”. Shooting for intimate scenes with Kapoor, she says, is rendered comical, as they both burst into giggles.

Smriti Kalra
Smriti Kalra

Can you describe your experience of working with Sanjay Kapoor?
He is warm, and doesn’t carry the weight of his family’s lineage. He is comfortable to work with, and keeps the atmosphere on set normal. In fact, when we were doing our look test, he approached me first. I haven’t seen much of his work, but he has aged beautifully. When we began shooting, he’d worry about filming so many scenes in one day. Because, that’s not how a film is shot. Now, he is spontaneous.

Was it awkward to romance him?
Not at all. I am shy and start laughing when told to do a romantic scene. That, in a way, helps to break the ice too. I told him I was not comfortable [doing the scene], and was conscious too. But, he put me at ease. We shot the honeymoon sequence recently, and the moment we would look into each other’s eyes, we’d start laughing. I don’t feel awkward. Age is never a concern for lovers.

Were your parents apprehensive about your decision to do this role?
I don’t discuss my shows with them. They don’t understand the process. Initially, my father was not happy about my decision to do a show on Channel V. He wanted me to work for a mainstream channel. Now that I am doing so, he says he liked my role in that show, because this one has shades of grey. But they like the show. My parents accompanied me for the honeymoon sequence. Sitting behind the monitor, my father kept finding excuses to escape. He likes the show, but the content is too controversial for him. My mother loves it.

There is an opinion that you are selective about your roles.
Earning money is only one part of your life. In daily soaps, the role gets monotonous quickly. So, I look forward to doing shows that permit me to try different things. I don’t want to be part of shows that have me cry glycerine tears, or wear shocked expressions.

How did you utilise your time since your last show went off air in 2014?
I was studying clinical hypnosis. I bought a house and did the interiors. I also travelled.

There are reports that you are dating actor Shivin Narang. Even your mother seems to believe so.
No, we are not. I’ve seen him mature from the spoilt brat that he was. We are fond of one another, and he can get the credit for that warmth, since I never took the initiative to stay in touch. But, the spark and attraction that lovers share is not there between us. If I can fart in front of him, I can’t date him. We have no chemistry.

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