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Bollywood hunk Sidharth Malhotra is ready to drop his underwear onscreen, but he has his own terms and conditions before going ‘full monty’

Sidharth Malhotra has had a decent run at the box-office this year with his film ‘A Gentleman’ performing moderately well and ‘Ittefaq’ getting critical acclaim and also raking in the moolah. Sidharth, has also signed ‘Aiyaary’ a war-drama to be directed by Neeraj Pandey. Spanning out his career from the time of his debut in ‘Student Of The Year’ in 2012, Sidharth has covered most of the genres in Bollywood. Talking about his film choices in an interview to DNA , he says he is not swayed by box-office numbers. ” I am looking at the bigger picture as opposed to the smaller things. I can’t keep thinking about the box-office business. You can’t live off a big hit for a long time, but if you get appreciation, you get a bigger equity and a better legacy. Yes, of course, there are films that have not done well, but there have been movies that have been appreciated as well. I’m not insecure in that zone because I still have the same confidence with which I came into this industry. I know that I will make it, but there’s time to do that. It will happen over some time. It’s a matter of getting the correct combination. These are times to learn from because an actor learns the most when things don’t go his way. There’s a sense of maturity that comes in and fear goes away. And that will only help me better myself as a performer.”

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A few of his films have failed but that doesn’t unnerve him either. “Never! I have made all the choices consciously, and I stand by them. Yes, I learn from them. On the sets, when I see directors change something because of the location or technical matters, then it’s just an experience ki aisa bhi ho sakta hai. That’s the learning, but not a regret ki yaar kyun kiya.I think my choices are inclined more towards content-driven films. I haven’t really done the typical, mainstream films. I have always looked for that one peg in all my films. More than it changing my choices, it changes my performance. What I do with those films and characters is what’s important. Aiyaary is next and it has a talented director like Neeraj Pandey and he likes things very subtle. So, the film is more about the story than just the performances. I have not seen the film yet so I can’t speak for it. Henceforth, like in the Vikram Batra biopic, whatever I do, there will be far more shades to it than what you saw in Ittefaq. Probably, now, I get the push to try things like that better.I have not differentiated between commercial and niche films. Some of my most commercial choices have not worked. Right now, nobody knows what will work. The smaller films are doing well mainly because they are made on tight budgets. They usually turn out to be sleeper hits. That’s far more satisfying than falling into the trap of having a big film, releasing at a period and following a certain graph.

 And finally, will he ever be ready to drop his pants for a role? “Of course, I would do it. But only if there’s a reason or logic behind it. I will not drop my underwear unless it’s aesthetic and it’s great to do a character like that (laughs). I won’t go nude just for the heck of it. It’s pointless.”

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