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Security for VVIPs to help take New Delhi: If Delhi Police is to be believed, security is provided for VVIPs not because of their status or any specific threat but to “facilitate” bold and impartial decision making by them.

Security for VVIPs to help take

This submission made by the city police in an affidavit to the Supreme Court on Thursday rankled the bench that was hearing a petition on misuse of red beacons on vehicles prompting it to say the document has to be “contemptuously ignored”.

The court also pulled up Delhi Police’s Deputy Commissioner(head quarter) for filing the affidavit.

The police in its affidavit filed before the apex court said that security to Union Ministers, Lieutenant Governor, Chief Minister, Cabinet Minister of state and judges of the supreme court and high court are given not on account of their status or specific threat.

“It is further submitted that certain category of individuals, mainly from the higher echelons of the government, needed to be provided basic minimum security arrangements ie. Positional/statutory security cover not on account of their status or specific threat but to facilitate bold and impartial decision making,” the eight-page affidavit said.

A bench headed by Justice G S Singhvi who was hearing the case took strong exception to the affidavit and said that it has to be “contemptuously ignored”.

Security for VVIPs to help take

“How can our judgement become bold due to security. Is this the level of understanding of the officer? He must be an IPS officer and must have read IPC and CrPC,” the bench said.


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First Published: Friday, January 18, 2013, 00:48

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