Feb 022018

deepika_shahidShahid Kapoor plays the royal king – Rawal Ratan Singh (Husband of Padmavati played by Deepika Padukone). But, despite having Ranveer Singh and Deepika playing famous and central characters in the film Shahid has been receiving many accolades for his role as a king and for his chemistry with the actress.

However, it is was for the first time that Shahid was paired up with Deepika in a film, when we asked him, how was it working with Deepika Padukone as your chemistry with her has come out well in the film even after working with each other for the first time, he replied, “I was going from romance to drama between Ranveer ((Singh) and Deepika (Padukone).” (Laughs)

Surprisingly, talking further on it he stated that from the time Deepika has been in this industry there were few offers that were offered to both of them but, the duo couldn’t make for it due to some of the other reason.

“For 10 years or so, because I have been here for longer than her… as long she has been here we have had kind of offers which has come and gone. Somehow, we have never ended up saying yes to a film together and when this film happened and sir told me to do it. I said yes and it was like after 10 years we were finally doing a film. This is a film worthy enough for those 10 years to have happened. It’s really that we have done this film together,” said Shahid.

Not just that, but, the actor somewhere gives a hint that the filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali would like to see them in another film. “In fact, I remember Sanjay (Leela Bhansali) sir saw the film and the minute he got up he looked back and he said, “I want you and Deepika to do another film together.” You know because this film did not have that much time for the romance to (come out). It was all very hushed up, things are moving and too much is happening (in the film). I think we made a great pair and I am sure we will do something more together in the future and there is more that can be juiced than what “Padmaavat” had of course.”

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