May 162018

We are pretty sure the term ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist in Salman Khan’s dictionary. Be it making his fans go crazy with his sick moves or making an entire theatre whistle hard the moment he goes shirtless, he is the ultimate superstar and knows how to get things done his way.

Salman Trolls Journalist Over 'Jail Term' Question© SK Films

Besides being a go-getter, Salman also seems to be the luckiest star in Bollywood as he and karma seem to be best of friends! Getting out of sticky situations and dodging bullets appear to be a walk in the park for the superstar.  

Just some time ago, he was convicted in the Blackbuck poaching case by a Jodhpur Court. You would remember how the moment of him entering the jail was recorded by every person and flooded the internet within minutes.

After spending a couple of days in prison, he was granted bail and of course, Twitter trolled him brutally for walking out so soon.

While the tinsel town was waiting anxiously for the verdict, as evident by the support he got on Twitter, many makers were tensed as more than 1000 crores was riding on Salman Khan. Several shootings were stalled until his release and even a few projects were delayed.

However, on 15th May, Salman finally released the trailer of Race 3 leaving his ardent fans gasping for breath.

Coming back to his Blackbuck case conviction, did you really think he was going to jail for life? If you thought so, you certainly rule the naive club.

During the trailer launch, a journalist broke protocol and asked him about his jail term and if he was worried as a lot of money was riding on him? To which Salman replied with a fierce counter questioned, “Did you think I was going to go in forever?”

And the journalist promptly replied “no”, to which Salman replied, “Thank you because I was not worried.”

Epic burn right? Now you know why he is the called the ‘Sultan of Bollywood’. 

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