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Ronit Roy admits his debut web outing Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai deals with a subject previously explored, but promises it has been treated differently

Ronit Roy
Ronit Roy

After taking a year-long hiatus from television to focus on his Bollywood projects, Ronit Roy has returned to camp Ekta Kapoor for the web series, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai. Exploring the subject of an extra-marital affair in the Mona Singh starrer, Roy says his character is certain to pique curiosity. 

Edited excerpts from the interview:

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai seems to be a run-of-the-mill story. What according to you makes it unique?
Just like there are only seven notes in music, there are limited human emotions. Every year, we make around 500-odd films in India. There aren’t that many stories to tell in the world. Our show is about a man who is in his mid-40s. He is involved in an extra-marital affair. So, yes, we have seen several permutations and combinations of the same story. The idea has been explored before. But what makes our show different is the characters’ play, and the circumstances they find themselves in. My character, Rohit Mehra has simply fallen in love with another person. I call the emotion divinity. Rohit, unfortunately, is trapped in his emotions. None of the characters are bad, except mine.

You are back in Ekta’s camp. How does that happen so often?
Whenever Ekta feels she has a role suitable for me, she will approach me. I find no reason to say no. I am loyal towards her. Whenever I talk to her, and whatever she has offered me, has always helped me progress.

Television and cinema have changed with time. What are the primary differences that you have noticed?
For one, my size has changed (laughs). Honestly, the industry is a different place today when compared to how it was when I started. The reins of power lie with those helming different positions. Those who have the power, are wise, and are doing things correctly. Also, the kind of scripts that I have heard over the past six months are refreshing. The industry is filled with young blood. Also, I think the craze about daily soap is long gone. In the past, my shows have gone on for almost 10 years. Today, that’s incomprehensible. My driver drops me on set and, post that, he watches films on his cell phone for the following 10 hours until I’m done. So, digital consumption is high.

Tell us something about sharing screen space with Mona Singh and Gurdeep Kohli.
I don’t know Gurdeep very well. My association with her is limited to the show. Of course, I am aware of her talent. Mona and I go back a long way. My chemistry with her is entirely different.

Mona claims that you are not the serious person you are made out to be.
I don’t know where that persona came from. People call me the Amitabh Bachchan of television, so they believe I am serious [like him]. Truthfully, even he is not.

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