Dec 142012

BSI Entertainment & KENNY MEDIA is pleased to present India’s 1st Zombie genre horror thriller tilted ‘Rise of the ZOMBIE, the first feature film in the world that will showcase the Origin of a Zombie.

Kenny film’s Rise of the ZOMBIE will showcase the Origin of the primeval fear and the terrifying path of a truly deranged mind gone astray.

Rise of the ZOMBIE will be different from other flicks attempted in this genre since it is not a Zombie comedy, nor a Zombie survival series, but the journey of the transformation and origin of a ZOMBIE, due to unpredictable events, complex back story, into a contemporary psychological horror with unimaginable Zombie mayhem that will keep the audience to the edge of the seats.

Luke Kenny’s RISE OF THE ZOMBIE seems to have marched ahead in being the 1st Zombie genre film in India. The newest genre coinciding with the 100 years of cinema in India is slated for release in Feb 2013.

Luke Kenny and co-director  and writer Devaki Singh being experts in the Zombie Genre helped in having a clear vision to complete the film in clockwork precision.

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