Nov 032017

From pulling off quirky outfits to treating his fans with inimitable warmth — Ranveer Singh is an embodiment of energy. Over the years, we have deduced that the secret lies in his coffee and Nutella combo, which he alternates between whilst clocking in long hours on the set. But the actor, who is perceived as a social animal, has a quiet side to him. In an interview to GQ India, that is out in its November issue, Singh explains how he transformed over the seven years he has spent in B-Town. “I’m more comfortable with myself now. There’s less uncertainty. I have developed clear likes and dislikes. I’m not confused. The validation that I received after the release of Bajirao Mastani (2015) put me at ease. I don’t care if there’s a can’t-miss party happening on a Saturday night. I’ll probably stay in and game,” he says.

While the latest gossip doing the rounds is that Singh and his ladylove, Deepika Padukone, have split, Singh’s views on marriage and children hint that all’s well in the paradise. “I believe that one person can be another’s heart and soul. I want to be the best family man possible. I want to raise children, two of them. I think I’ll make a great dad.”

Singh claims he doesn’t keep track of all news reports that are published on him, but rumours about him being unprofessional irk him. “I don’t feel the need to hide my intellect anymore. Earlier, I thought it would alienate me, but now I don’t care. I have always been professional. I don’t care about what’s published in the tabloids, but when there are false reports about me being unprofessional, it ticks me off. Sometimes, it’s news spread by the rival agencies that manage other talent. They try to dissuade a brand from signing me. It’s cut-throat out there,” says Singh.

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