Dec 232017

If you thought that you have heard enough crazy news this year, wait till you hear this one! My very favourite person in the world, i.e. Rakhi Sawant, who makes us laugh all the time with her crazy antics is back again to entertain us to the fullest.

When the attention queen’s Instagram account was blocked, we totally went through a terrible dry phase. But now she isn’t just back on Insta with a bang but has also launched her a condom brand called Be-Boy. Yep! Back to her old ways, I see.

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And, she kinda wants Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma to be her first customers. That’s not it though as she also wanted them to share their experience. 

Sometime ago she also revealed her favourite flavors as well. ‘Paan and oudh’…….how can one even have those preferences? I mean, clearly we were dying to know the answer, right? 

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Wait till you hear what she said about Virushka, “Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are the most lovely couple. They just step in to their married life. I want them to gift my condoms to play safe and share their feedback on the product experiencing it. I feel my condoms are special. They are first in market to give so many flavours. One can enjoy their sexual life with the taste they enjoy the most. It will help the couple to enjoy for long and will give more pleasure with pressure from the dotted texture.”

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Virushka are you listening? ‘

A little late but here’s another #virushka update: While @anushkasharma opted for a traditional all red banarsi saari lookâ?¤@virat.kohli complimented her look with a black number & fully embroidered shawl 🖤 #anushkasharma #viratkohli #sabyasachi #onislookbook

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Nevertheless, we totally appreciate the girl going all out and supporting safe sex. 


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