Jan 312018

The much awaited release of ‘Padmaavat’ might have been worth the insane wait, but it didn’t come easy for everyone involved in the project. The Karni Sena and the string of controversies that managed to create a web around the movie, kept on increasing by the minute. 

Even after many claimed that the Indian audience would not receive the movie the way the makers perceived, ‘Padmaavat’ is going places, literally. The latest warm reception that the movie received was during an NBA game between the Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat, where ‘Ghoomar’ was chosen as the song for the dance routine during the break time.

The game was on January 28th and needless to say, the dancers did a pretty good job with this track. With ‘exposed’ waists and everything!

Recently, the makers had to cover Deepika’s exposed mid-riff using special effects after protesters complained that a queen could not be shown dancing like that. Have to give the ‘Padmaavat’ team full points for the incredible CGI though. 

The movie is creating records in terms of numbers and appreciation that is pouring in from all corners of the world. Ranveer Singh as ‘Khilji’ in particular is winning accolades. In case you still haven’t watched the movie yet, the trailer might provoke you to go watch the stellar performances.

Art is always appreciated and watching the lovely ladies dancing to this track at an NBA game is proof that language has got nothing to do with dancing!

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