Oct 032017

Most people of our generation have given up watching TV and it’s not even surprising anymore. We have Netflix when we chill in bed, we stream everything on our laptops, we save movies to our iPads for that long cab drive and basically screens have replaced the good old binge watching TV on the couch, with a wonderful plate of fries while our parents sat with us watching ‘Malgudi Days’. Save heart, for our favourite dramas from the 90s are all set to make a comeback in our lives.

I don’t mean to say that they are being remade, but what I mean is that they will be available for our viewing real soon. Remember those days of watching DD and witnessing some great storylines with no scheming ‘saas bahu’ drama or no ‘Crime Patrol’ being shoved into our eyes. I am talking about shows like ‘Circus’, ‘Bharat Ek Khoj’ and even ‘Fauji’ which catapulted Shah Rukh to fame.

Dd Channel Series Will Now Be Available Online© Doordarshan

“Some material from the archives has been put on our official website for sale. The next step is to be able to syndicate some of the popular content and make them available through on-demand platforms like Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime. We have set up a separate social media team that has been asked to individually reply to those writing to us on Facebook or Twitter. Live updates of events, matches or shows are now being done that has made a lot of difference”, said Shashi Shekhar Vempadi, CEO of Prasar Bharti.  We want to watch things at our convenience and having nostalgia available on Netflix or Hotstar would guarantee a visual treat. DD is currently going through a major revamp and is redesigning all social media strategies. After all, old is gold right?

Source: Dailymail

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