Oct 162017

Admit it, most of us have a Netflix subscription with an undying hope that we’ll binge watch something over the weekend. However, most Saturdays and Sundays go away in sleeping, procrastinating, avoiding the laptop screen and adding goodies to your online shopping cart. Diwali is approaching and so is a long weekend. Here’s a list of ten horror flicks you can watch over the weekend while you ‘Netflix and chill’ on the couch with a box full of Diwali mithai: 

1. The Devil’s Candy

A family full of metal heads stuck under the roof of a demonic house make a good combination. The story follows a struggling painter who has been plagued by Satanic forces and his family is pulled into it.

2. Hush

A horror movie that shall pique your interest for sure. The protagonist is a deaf writer hibernating in the woods, and there’s a creepy killer on the loose. What is not to be liked about this mind twisting horror flick?

3. A Dark Song

A dark movie just like the title. A young woman is grieving her dead son who was murdered by a group after he was taken away for an occult ritual. She gets adventurous and gets an occultist on board to summon her son, and then… stuff happens. Bad stuff.  

4. Clown

This one is directed by Jon Watts, the brain behind ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’. Clown films are the ‘it’ thing in the horror genre right now as we all know. The story follows a real estate agent who finds a clown suit in a house, decides to wear it for a kid’s party, only to realise that he cannot take it off now. Please stop laughing! It’s scary AF! 

5. Sleepy Hollow

Johny Depp is reason number one to watch it. Secondly, the story is a take on Washington Irving’s 1820 short story. A constable is sent to examine the murders in the ‘sleeping hollow’.

6. The Void

It involves a hospital which is like a gateway to hell and everyone in there is trapped. Oh, and please add cult figurines in cloaks smirking around to add to the spookiness. Boo!

7. Baskin

It’s a Turkish surreal horror flick centred on a group of cops who face violent and gory situations when they answer a call for a crime scene. A lot of plots are entwined together and it might be a turn off for some, but it makes you want to know what happens next. Pure gore central. 

8. The Babadook

If you have watched it already…just watch it again. But if you belong to the other category which is still ignorant to the existence of this movie, then don’t.miss.it. Babadook is an evil spirit unleashed from a children’s book while the mother tries very hard to keep her sanity intact as she deals with the situation in her house with her son.

9. The Sixth Sense

Trust M.Night Shyamalan’s brilliance to cater you a great watch. The film follows Cole, a young boy who can see and talk to the dead. 

10. The Den

This movie might make you wanna cover your webcam! It’s a found footage horror film. Elizabeth is logged into a webcam based media site called ‘The Den’ and decides to chat with random strangers for her project.  Eventually her camera is hacked and she is recorded in a lot of events while her laptop is still turned on. Who is this stranger forcing contact and what happens next is what this millennial horror flick deals with.

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