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We Indians eat, sleep and breathe movies. There is literally no one who doesn’t love Bollywood. Watching a movie is more like an experience for us Indians. For some, it’s about de-stressing, while for others, it’s a family experience and memories are built on those kinds of unique experiences.

While we watch films on the big screen, have you ever thought of watching a full-blown Bollywood film with actors dancing, performing and singing right in front of you? Wouldn’t that be one hell of an experience in itself?

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Well, to sate all those theatre dreams, there’s a new Broadway-styled Bollywood musical drama, fittingly called, ‘Balle-Balle’. The theatre is truly an aesthetic escapade but when it is combined with some Bollywood elements, it’s more than just a routine dance and song show.

For people who think theatre is for serious, arty-farty people, this show by Wizcraft might seriously change your outlook towards theatrical productions. Taking the art form of theatre to another level, ‘Balle Balle’ is resplendent with magnificent performances, cutting-edge technology, costumes and sets.

The story revolves around complex relationships, sagas of love, a cornucopia of emotions, and fleshed-out characters with whom you can easily relate to. Maybe for once, you might think the drama is over-the-top, but the lively atmosphere will suck you in, letting you just enjoy the vibe.

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Bollywood theatre can be like a double-edged sword. Things can either get ridiculously entertaining or it can go haywire, thus losing its grip on the story. But in this stage production, the director tries to balance it rather well.

The premise of the story is simple, Papaji (Arun Premchand Khiani) is getting one of his daughters, Isha (Jasleen kaur) hitched to a rapper called Swag (Hriday Gattani) from Canada. But Swag falls for her sister Nisha (Shona Sharma) while Isha is still in love with her boyfriend, Nikhil (Hitesh Malukani) who is also their wedding planner. These two love stories and the drama surrounding it is what this theatrical play is all about.

Featuring 48 artists, this production is no less extravagant than a full Bollywood experience. From 25 live Bollywood song performances, breathtaking visuals to some untailored scenes, miscast characters and over- the-top dramaturgy, Viraf Sarkari’s directorial turn is flawed but is a fun watch at the end of the day.

img 5(c) Wizcraft

The live singing adds a new aspect to the stage play. What ultimately shores up the show is the sincere performance by each and every character and how they enjoy themselves on stage. You instantly develop a liking for Grandmother Medha Paranjape and Amishka Sood as the single aunt is coquettish, but never in a reductive sense.

‘Balle Balle’ is a curious mix of perfect elements and sensibility that makes this drama a thoroughly riveting, pleasing and entertaining watch. Don’t be surprised if, by the end of it, you find yourself grooving and signing with the crew.

It’s a Bollywood blitzkrieg and you shouldn’t miss this one!


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