May 092018

MS Dhoni is currently busy playing his heart out for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) as we all know.  The man takes his game very seriously but off-field, he is mostly found spending quality time with his family.

Attack on besan ka laddoo

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Recently Dhoni, along with a few members of his team were spotted at a promotional event where the organisers called a mind reader to guess the name of Dhoni’s first crush. After a few questions, the mind reader was able to guess the name of the girl. Turns out he met her back in 1999 in 12th standard and her name was ‘Swati’.  Mahi also jokingly added to not tell Sakshi. You’ll find him giggling about it from 24:58 onwards.

Pretty sure you didn’t know about it as well. Dhoni and Sakshi are one of the most loved couples in the cricket fraternity and social media.

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It’s cool how events like these give us a chance to know some private random details about celebrities we love. However, we hope right now Mahi is not in trouble with Sakshi!

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