Aug 212017

There’s a tiny detail in the latest episode that might have escaped your sad eyes, since all of us were busy digesting what happened to the dragon. So when Jon Snow comes out of the iceberg, alive, he touches his sword, Longclaw, which is, err, actually alive.

Did you see that Jon’s sword which sir Mormont gave it to him opens eyes when jon comes out.#hbospoileralert #GameofThrones7 #GoTS7 #GoT

— Trilochan K. (@trilochanhere) August 20, 2017

So how did that happen exactly? The possibilities of a soul being trapped in there are quite high, or wait, is it Bran? Who knows! All we know right now is that this is a huge game changer and this little detail will spread its wings in the upcoming season.

Just saying Jon’s sword is alive wtf #GameOfThrones

— VISCA BARCA (@mesquebarcelona) August 21, 2017

The fan world is tripping over this right now and we can’t wait to decrypt the meaning behind this!

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