Dec 062017

If you think you are falling short on reasons to watch the ‘X-Men’ series from the scratch, we just found one ultimate reason for you and no it’s not an addition of a new character. The reason is James McAvoy.

James McAvoy Body Transformation© Twitter

Why? Because how else can we believe that this man who we are going to talk about now is the same guy, who once went to extreme lengths as Mr. Tumnus to help his friend Lucy Pevensie, from the White Witch in ‘Chronicles of Narnia’.

James McAvoy Body Transformation

This is the same guy who later went on to become Professor X in the Marvel Universe, a telekinesis expert who f**ked our minds like no one else.

James McAvoy Body Transformation

And if you can stretch your mind a little far back, you might even imagine him as Robbie Turner from ‘Atonement’, Bruce Robertson from ‘Filth’ or Kevin Wendell Crumb from ‘Split’.

The point is we don’t think we are the only ones who remember James McAvoy, solely for one of these avatars. A skinny or let’s say a regular British bloke, who was never close to being hench.

James McAvoy Body Transformation© Twitter

But, now the tables have turned, and how! Folks, let’s welcome James McAvoy version 2.0, who looks nothing short of a beast.

James McAvoy Body Transformation© Instagram

His chest and arms are popping out like crazy, so are our eyes after looking at this unbelievable transformation that our beloved Professor X has undergone for his upcoming movie.

James McAvoy Body Transformation© Marvel Entertainment

This year, McAvoy floored his fans with his exceptional performance in ‘Split’, where he played 23 different personalities (he suffers from Dissociative Personality Disorder). All these personalities combine to form the 24th personality called ‘The Beast’ and these pictures are convincing enough.

James McAvoy Body Transformation© Blinding Edge Pictures

These photos of him walking on the streets Philadelphia, with an attitude that shouts “I don’t care how long you stare at me”, is breaking the internet and making his female fans lose their minds.

James McAvoy Body Transformation© Twitter

It’s not photoshop, folks! This is 38-year-old McAvoy’s hard work for his role in M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming movie ‘Glass’, a sequel to ‘Split’, which is expected to release in 2019. This movie will also feature Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.

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The internet is losing its mind over McAvoy’s insane transformation and we can totally understand why.

James McAvoy’s twink-to-hunk transformation feels like it should be an A1 story for the Gay Twitter Times-Gazette.

— Slade (@Slade) December 5, 2017

Ok but who the fuck told James McAvoy that he fucking could?

— Is It Mardi Gras Yet? (@IfIWereMagneto) December 5, 2017

now that armie hammer’s stint as the Internet’s Boyfriend is over, can we pls focus our attention on james mcavoy

— priya (@priya_ebooks) December 4, 2017

We need to talk about James McAvoy.

I say we, I mean I.

— Jennifer Williams (@JenWilliamsMEN) December 5, 2017

James McAvoy has been sexy since before he played Mr. Tumnus wtf are you all doing only realising him now

— Denvereindeer 🎄 (@dnvrky) December 6, 2017

I mean, I’ve always loved James McAvoy. I have since I was 13

But, seeing him all bulked up now has me all

— McAvoy (@SheOfJericho) December 6, 2017

i’m dead, y’all.. it’s James McAvoy ðŸ˜?

— manda. (@kiwifthaz) December 6, 2017

Friend: “I literally just googled new buff James mcavoy.”

— Sita (@sssssita) December 6, 2017

Everyone is obsessing over James McAvoy now but he has literally been my biggest celeb crush for the past 9 years 😂 don’t try telling me how great he is because I KNOWWW

— Ciera✨ (@HeyItsCiera) December 6, 2017

everyone is so suddenly into james mcavoy now but hunny i was one hundred percent down for bestiality the SECOND i saw those furry fawn legs in the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

— baby björk (@siltprophet) December 6, 2017

too bad for y’all i already wifed james mcavoy awhile back before he was thicc but it’s cool.

— kaylaâš¡ï¸?| december 17🎄 (@ragncrok) December 6, 2017

James McAvoy is the new anyone ðŸ˜? My knees are weak but I’m…

— Toby Kingslea (@Toby_Kingslea) December 6, 2017

Can anyone hear faint sounds of Armie Hammer shouting “NO”, as McAvoy steals the tag of ‘Internet’s new boyfriend’ away from him?

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