Jan 182018

ranbirFor a long time now, stories about Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor dating each other have been making rounds. Their closeness grew when they were shooting together last year. Their regular public outings added fuel to the fire.

Later, when Mahira was being slammed in her home country Pakistan for smoking and wearing revealing clothes, RK stood in her defense and gave his piece of mind to the media and the people. He lending his support for Mahira then made the speculations even more stronger.

Even though none of the actors chose to speak about their relationship, their actions proved that there’s smoething brewing between the two. Their fans too were happy to see them together!

However, what Mahira recently said about love and she being in love or not, has shattered her fans’ dreams!

Recently, during a media interaction, the Pakistani actress was asked “if she is in love”, to this she replied, “No, actually.” She added, “No, I have been, I was. Now, I realise that love is peace. Love is when you are with somebody and it’s okay and you don’t have to talk. Their presence is important.”

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