Apr 252018

While the whole world is going crazy about the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ premiere, we recently found out something more about the only Marvel premiere that can top this – the premiere of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’.

If you’re a Marvel fan, you should remember how badly Mark Ruffalo fucked up during the world premiere of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ by accidentally live streaming the first 20 minutes or so of it.

I know people probably remember how this hilarious goof-up went down, but I would still like to refresh everyone’s memory. So basically, what went down was that Mark started an Instagram live for his fans but then forgot to turn it off before the movie started.

If Hulk Dies In 'Infinity War', We Now Know Why

He just kept the phone in his pocket, not realizing that over 2000 people, who were watching him live, could hear everything. No one was mad at him obviously, as this was probably the best thing that could happen to us. How often does an actor accidentally leak his own movie?

mark ruffalo accidentally staying on instagram live while watching thor just made my day pic.twitter.com/CdLGPsDZKH

— wanda (@lizzieolses) October 11, 2017

While going through old reactions of this hilarious incident, I found this tweet that is a little relevant now because we kind of have an explanation of it finally, and no, Mark didn’t accidently leak it this time.

Marvel is gonna whoop Mark Ruffalo’s ass

— I love luke skywalker (@biperaltas) October 11, 2017

I thought Robert Downey Jr’s emotional speech at the premiere was the best thing we got before the release of ‘Infinity War’, but the cast’s appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live might have just topped it.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked who was the least trustworthy when it comes to keeping the script a secret, we can all guess who everyone pointed at.

If Hulk Dies In 'Infinity War', We Now Know Why

But, it’s okay, Mark isn’t alone; Jimmy also said that when Tom Holland appeared on the show the night before, he also got the same title.

Tom Hiddleston obviously brought up the Thor incident which Mark tried to deny at first, calling it fake news. It’s okay, Mark, we were very thankful that you did that, can’t say the same about Marvel and Disney, though.

Then he went on to explain what exactly happened.

If Hulk Dies In 'Infinity War', We Now Know Why

Well, your mom was okay, but not you, Mark.

If Hulk Dies In 'Infinity War', We Now Know Why

This honestly wasn’t the time for you to have manners, Mark.

This went on for so long, that Disney had to step in. Since they couldn’t reach him, Mark said that they had to actually make someone go to him and personally tell him what was happening.

If Hulk Dies In 'Infinity War', We Now Know Why

Then, he was like “My phone’s not on” but, oh well. Just look at him recreating his hilarious reaction when he realized his phone was indeed on.

If Hulk Dies In 'Infinity War', We Now Know Why

And, now we know that if they kill off the mighty Hulk in ‘Infinity War’, Mark has only himself to blame.

Watch the hilarious video here:


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