Feb 162018

Madhuri-DixitHaving taken things slow on the professional front over the last decade, this year sees Madhuri Dixit-Nene moving ahead with gusto. Apart from having a show based on her time in Denver, the actor is making her debut in Marathi cinema with Bucket List and turning producer with another Marathi project. She is also reuniting with Anil Kapoor and her favourite director Indra Kumar for Total Dhamaal, which also stars Ajay Devgn.

Point out how she has her plate full and she says, “I didn’t take up too much work earlier because my kids were young. My priority was my family then. It still is, but since my kids have grown up now, I decided to do more work.”

The mother of two, who has become the brand ambassador of Mortein, says that even now, she designs her shoot schedules in a manner that allows her time with her kids. “I work my schedule around them. I always make sure that I am at home on time, so I can be with them,” she says before adding, “Also, I have always agreed to do something only when I feel strongly about the project. That was the case with Total Dhamaal and Bucket List, so I agreed to do them.”

As an artiste who would juggle two to three shifts a day in the ’90s, Dixit is glad that shoots have become more organised now. Talking about the positive changes in the industry, she says, “The best part is that everything is ready when you reach the sets. From the costumes to make-up, it’s all so well-managed. This makes our work so easier.” However, she is quick to point out a change that she is yet to adapt to. “I find film promotions a little boring. In the past, we didn’t have to promote a movie so aggressively, but I guess it’s the need of the hour.”

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